Home Bodies

We’ve pretty much been home bodies this week. There are a lot of people on vacation (or they have family in town), so there haven’t been any play-dates. Joseph came along with me when I did my visiting teaching (which is nice, since my companion has a son his age, and the person we visited […]

Is It Winter Yet?

I have been asking myself all week if it’s winter yet. We have had another week of above 100 degree temps. It doesn’t feel as humid as it’s been, but it’s still more humid than what I’ve been used to. I’m really looking forward to cooler weather. For one thing, we’ll get a lot fewer […]

Hot, Hot, HOT!

Ugh…it has been so hot this week…and no rain in sight. We’re already in Stage 2 water restrictions (meaning we can only water once a week, during very specific times). I hope we get some rain soon, because I don’t want to go into Stage 3 (I’m not sure what the watering restrictions are for […]