Easter Fun

Weekly Happenings: The only really note-worthy events that happened this past week were really Easter-related. At the library’s Story Time, they had an egg hunt, which Joseph loved (he also loved the fun books and songs that they did as part of the activity). Also, we had an Easter celebration at our community park which […]

An {Almost} Picture-less Post

Weekly Happenings: This past week was one that did not contain much out of the ordinary. Sunday evening, we went to the home of friends’ for dinner. The kids had tons of fun playing together and the adults enjoyed some grown-up conversation. The first part of the week went as it always does. Thursday was […]

A Rainy, Rainy Week

Weekly Happenings: The weather tried desperately to put a damper on my mood (and almost succeeded). It rained at least once every day (except yesterday), but we were still able to do all that we had planned (play dates, story time, grocery shopping, etc.). Yesterday, we decided to take it easy (usually we’re tempted to […]