Who Would’ve Thunk It?

Weekly Happenings: This past week contained a fun night for Joseph. He had his grade-level performance which was followed by a “glow dance” where the kids got to dance in the gym. They had the regular lights off and had a bunch of glow-in-the-dark and black light stuff. We didn’t stay long since it was REALLY loud, but the kids had fun while we were there. We kicked off our weekend with a trip to the zoo this morning. That was super fun, too.

The Weekly Weather: We really had the myriad this past week. We had rather cold days, mild days, and then yesterday, it was in the 80s. I kid you not. Crazy Texas!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He got the confirmation that he got the new position that he applied for at work, so he starts on Monday. If I remember correctly, it’s a system’s admin position in the IT department. He also was able to take a bit of time yesterday to drive out with one of the other Young Men leaders to check out potential camp sites for the Young Men to use in the future.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been up to my usual stuff. Not too much worth mentioning this time around.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He was happy to get to do his grade level performance and the glow dance. He also had another eventful…event thanks to the assistance of his sister’s…head. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Okay, so anyone who read last week’s post might remember me talking about how Abigail and Joseph collided in the pay tunnel and she knocked his loose tooth out. Well. On Monday night (so three days after the first incident), she was giving him a hug goodnight, lost her footing, and essentially head-butted him…in the mouth. And knocked out his OTHER loose tooth. We could hardly believe it! The Darr household is a bit crazy at times, apparently.

This Week in Pictures:

I like to call this one: “Adventure Awaits…”
Joseph’s in the lower-right-hand corner of this picture.
They were singing Disney songs, so that’s why some of the kids were dressed up in Disney gear.
Here’s a close-up of him.
He had a great time!
I sure love this little boy!
His school got a new bronze statue (they are the Colts) from the woman who the school is named after.
Pushing Minnie in a dump truck. This is the greatest example so far of melding Joseph’s old toys with her new ones.
She’s ready for her close-up! And yes, these came home with us, haha.
My sweetheart knows me better than I know myself. Seven years ago, when he was in Afghanistan, he bought me a necklace that had lapis as the center stone. For Valentines’ Day, he surprised me with lapis bracelets and earrings. He also surprised me with dark chocolate and a potted miniature rose plant. 😍
Checking out the bears.
Not many of the small cats were out, but we spotted this spotted guy. Do you see him? Look just next to the side of Joseph’s head. 🙂
Joseph enjoyed seeing this guy rooting around.
Abigail loves walking through the bird enclosure. The birds are loose and rather calm.
They’re doing some renovations to the rhino enclosure (getting ready for new rhinos because they’ll be starting a rhino breeding program). Part of the new renovations was this HUGE statue.
Family selfie on the zoo train!

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