What Day Is It?

Weekly Happenings: It’s getting to the point where it’s a bit hard for me to remember what day of the week it is. We just got word that Joseph will continue his distance learning plan until the end of the school year, so I guess this is our new normal (at least until summer break, which starts the first week of June). Meanwhile, we do school, try to get out of the house to play or take a walk, and pretty much just try to make it through. I’m grateful that Paul is still able to work so that we have income coming in and that we have a comfortable home to live in. It makes it so that we don’t feel very “stuck”.

The Weekly Weather: We’ve had a little bit of sun, a little bit of rain…typical spring weather for San Antonio, it seems.

What Paul’s Been Up To: This past week was one where he had to go into the office. His commute is a bit lighter because not as many people are on the road, so that’s nice. He’s also been doing yard work since everything has woken up (grass needs mowing, mulch in the flower beds, etc.).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been helping with homework, doing a bit of yard work to keep my body active (and to give me a few quiet moments here and there), and doing what I can to keep the kids happy and healthy.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s rocking school work and loving the extra time he has to play with toys, his LEGOs, and video games.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been her normal pleasant self for the most part (sometimes there are tantrums, but it’s part of life at the age of three, I suppose). It’s funny to hear her repeat certain phrases that she’s heard us use or has heard on TV. The other day, she was asking where a certain toy was and I told her to look in her toy box. She opened the lid, stuck her hand in, swished it around (while not even looking in the box) and then said in a very concerned voice, “I can’t find it ANYWHERE!” I looked in the toy box and found the toy sitting right on top, haha. Silly goose of a girl.

This Week in Pictures:

My tomato plant has gone through a growth spurt!
Indulging in a bit of screen time.
Joseph has been learning how to tell time using an analog clock. He’s getting really good at it! This was a picture I took of different clocks that he drew so that I could email his teacher to show her. This distance learning stuff is interesting, to say the least.
I had taken a moment after dinner to prop up me feet in the recliner. As I looked around, I was struck with a wave of gratitude for this beautiful home we live in.
Joseph grew a crystal from a kit. It took a couple of weeks to fully grow, but I think the results were pretty impressive.
The larger one is the seed rock (the rock that’s placed in the container to give the crystal powder something to start growing on). The smaller one is a cluster of crystals that grew on the side of the jar.
I love the back yard. It really is a fun place for the kids to play.
She wanted to take her football for a ride on the swing. 🙂
Using the brush-burning can as a drum.
Perks of homemade pizza: yummy crust (that is so easy to make thanks to my mixer), and personalized toppings: pepperoni, mushroom, and olive for me and Paul, mushroom and olive for Abigail, and plain cheese for Joseph.
Taking a walk around the neighborhood.
Snuggling up to watch a show. She loves her little Sally doll (Sally is from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas).
Paul got me some more large containers to match the ones I already had and got a couple more plants to go in them. We spread some fresh mulch and it’s looking really great.
Paul got me an itty-bitty sewing machine which will be perfect for small mending projects. I spent a bit of time watching YouTube videos on how to thread it and then tried it out on some scrap fabric. I think it’s going to work out great for the occasional jobs I have and it won’t take up a whole lot of room.
Going down the slide. She loves our back yard (in fact, she calls it the playground).
Checking out the new flowers.

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