Bonus Blog Post: Easter 2020

Holiday Happenings: Well, this Easter really wasn’t that different than other years, even with the pandemic and order to stay at home…we’re not very close geographically to family, so we usually spend holidays at home anyway. We set out the baskets for the Easter Bunny to put treats in (and then we added our own gifts for the kids) last night. This morning, we made sure to talk about our Savior’s sacrifice and the miracle of His resurrection. We then once again had the opportunity to have church at home. In the afternoon, we had a little egg hunt for the kids in the backyard. We then had an early dinner. After dinner, I took Abigail for a walk and then came back to relax before having dessert. All-in-all, it was a good day!

This Holiday in Pictures:

Easter baskets full of goodies!
I think she was excited about her hat and horse.
He was excited for a new DS game.
She rode around like this quite a bit today.
Chocolate bunny time.
It’s always the ears first, isn’t it?
Guess what I made?
It should be a little clearer now…
Ready for the oven…
…and fresh out of it.
The house smelled so good!
Egg hunt time!
Paul made sure to put them in the shade and made them easy to find since they had chocolate candy in them. 🙂
The gold ones had quarters in them.
Paul put them higher so that Joseph would get them instead of Abigail.
She was asking him for a horsey ride, but she specifically asked to go on his shoulders. I had made her a lasso out of a piece of yarn, so they were walking around so that she could “rope” imaginary cows.
Our yummy dinner!
Dessert was apple cobbler (NOT homemade, thank you Marie Callender’s frozen desserts) with ice cream on the side.

A few Bonus Videos:

Checking out baskets.
I took this video so that you can hear her horse and see her flashy hat, haha.
Finally, the egg hunt!

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