We Made It!

It’s officially winter break! The kids had a good last week of school, Abigail lost another tooth, and we went on a lot of walks. 🙂 I also did some fun baking (which is always better than regular baking, haha). I went to book club and a Relief Society cookie exchange, Paul has been busy with work and whatnot, and we’re ready for Christmas (which is next week…crazy!

Fun baking means doughnuts. 🙂
I got a new bag for when I go walking (so that I don’t have to carry my phone and keys in my hands). I kinda felt transported back to the 1980’s with my crazy leggings and my fanny pack. 😀
One of the mornings we went walking, it was super foggy.
It looked so pretty!
Lost tooth!
I told her the Tooth Fairy would leave her some quarters…to which she added (excitedly): “OR a toy!”. Luckily the Tooth Fairy was able to find an inexpensive dinosaur. 😀
Playing with balloons and static.
Joseph even got involved with the fun.
Her new dinosaur (along with the one she got from her classroom prize box last Friday) had to come on our walk one day.
This is such a perfect snapshot of her life: dinosaurs, collecting sticks, rocks, and leaves, and Buc-ee’s shirts. 😀
I sure love my mini-me!
I also love this view! It’s my favorite part of our walk.
I found a frog while putting the hose away the other day (somehow I totally missed him when I was getting the hose out)!
I also found a toad!
Tomatoes! I have to pick them before the birds and bugs get them.
December in San Antonio ain’t half bad.
Gingerbread thumbprint cookies with dulce de leche filling. Yum!
I also made meatloaf boats with mashed potatoes. 😀
Abigail got her bangs trimmed. 😀
They also styled her hair which made it until we got home…then she asked me to take it out and put her hair in a pony tail so that it wouldn’t get stuck on her chair at school (I think she’s talking about the bolts on her chair snagging her hair).
I got more “snow” (quilt batting) and a new tree skirt.
I love all the black and white!
I also found this fun pillow. 🙂
The Vice Principal at the kids’ school dressed up as an Elf on the Shelf and greeted the kids as they got to school. A friend of mine snapped this photo…what a fun thing to do!
Abigail’s Santa hat that she made at school.
More of Abigail’s crafts. 🙂
I have this fun pan that makes…
…mini bundt cakes!
I decided to drizzle them with mint chocolate.
A pretty plate always makes them look extra fancy. 🙂 I put the ones that didn’t fit on a different small platter. 😉 I made a double batch so that Abigail could have some as a treat during her play date today (we had that instead of a full-out birthday party) and so that we could have some for our game night tonight. 🙂

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