Photo Dump: Abigail’s Birthday, Christmas, and Family Fun

Strap in for a lot pictures. A lot has happened in the last little bit. We celebrated Abigail’s fifth birthday and then the next day, we left for California to spend Christmas at my mom’s house. Three of my siblings (Kevin, Dave, and Gary) and their spouses (Rita, Jolee, and Lorna) were able to come as well (along with my brother, Aaron and his family who still live in Southern California). We also got to see Paul’s brother Jason, his wife, Saira, and their daughter, Luna. We spent most of the time visiting with family, but we did stop by Knott’s Berry Farm for a couple of hours of fun. We got home last night and are getting settled back in before school starts back again for the kids tomorrow.

Sunday before Christmas: Abigail had the giggles.
I sure love these two!
Our new five year old!
Playing with her animals.
Walking along the greenbelt.
I do love how pretty San Antonio is!
Opening her first present.
She was so excited!
Play make-up vanity (not actual make-up, because that would be a huge mess, haha).
Present sent from Jason, Saira, and Luna…
…a My Little Pony castle!
She was excited that it came with a pony.
A Bluey caravan playset.
It was cute seeing them playing together.
Since we were leaving the next day, we opted for birthday sundaes instead of cake. She was so happy when we were singing to her!
Get ready and…
Sleeping at Grandma’s.
Showing me the Rolo-filled candy cane that Santa left in her stocking.
Joseph was pretty excited to get one, too.
Santa also got him a new video game.
Santa brought Abigail a new game (Bingo’s Bingo).
Abigail’s “wear” (since we do a “want, need, wear, read” for them) was new rain boots.
Joseph’s “read” was the Wings of Fire books.
Abigail’s “read” was some new books with her favorite characters.
Joseph’s “need”: new Vans.
Abigail’s “need”: a new board game (to help her learn about taking turns).
Joseph’s “wear”: a new shirt.
Abigail’s gift from Jason, Saira, and Luna: Spider-Man walkie-talkies.
Joseph’s gift from Jason, Saira, and Luna: a new video game. 🙂
Abigail’s “want” was a Bluey tent.
It was fun to see them both in there.
Telling Uncle Gary and Justin (one of Aaron and Dusty’s sons) a fantastic story, apparently.
Joseph with Andrew, Daniel, and Kayla (Aaron and Dusty’s triplets).
Gary playing his bagpipes.
It always amazes me to watch him. I love listening to him, too.
Abigail loved watching him, too.
I thought this was cute.
She was marching along behind him.
Messing with the practice chanter.
She thought the “duck noises” were funny.
Okay, so there are foothills all around my mom’s house…and there are burros up in the foothills…who occasionally come down out of the foothills. I saw these guys just chillin’ when I was on one of my walks.
My elementary school.
Palm trees and foothills. ❤️
It was fun getting to walk around the streets where I grew up.
My mom’s succulent game is strong!
My oldest brother, Kevin and Abigail. They were watching Kevin’s dog (Jake) run around in the yard.
Joseph on a ride at Knott’s.
Abigail riding the planes.
Joseph on the swing ride.
Me and my mini-me.
Getting ready for a roller coaster.
Sitting with the cowboys (or maybe they’re miners?). Abigail was trying to strike up a conversation.
My brother Aaron reading to Abigail.
This is a view I didn’t realize I missed until I saw it again.
Joseph and Jake. ❤️
My mom and my babies. ❤️
Aunt Lorna playing “pull the football” (Abigail got a Charlie Brown and a Lucy from Knott’s).
I loved watching them playing.
Abigail had so many people who were great at entertaining her.
Morning snuggles.
Playing with Luna.
She’s a little over a year older than Abigail, so they were quick to get along.
Abigail used some Christmas money to buy a baby doll on the way home. It helped make the two-day drive much more manageable.

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