We Made It!

We finally made it to spring break! Paul is still stuck working, but the rest of us have an entire week off, which is going to be so great! This past week was a busy one. Paul was busy at work because they moved locations from one office space to another. It was a lot of physical work and quite stressful at times. His schedule should be back to normal this week, though. It was busy for me as I was compiling grades into my grade book, testing my students to get updated reading levels, and completing report cards. We also had field day, which was fun, but kind of stressful at times because I was wanting to be able to keep an eye on all my students. One funny story about Abigail: while she was at field day, she picked up the bucket of water that the students were using to fill their water shooters and decided to dump it on herself…it was a good thing she had a change of clothes in her backpack, haha. I was walking down the hall, about to make some photocopies when her teacher nabbed me because Abigail was having a hard time getting dressed. Her jeans were so wet that she was having a hard time getting them off to get her dry ones on. I got her adjusted and back to field day. It was fun getting to see Joseph interact with his classmates and friends (I’ve never been able to volunteer for one before). Oh…and I took the first of the three tests I need to take in order to upgrade my one-year certification to a standard certification. I already got my results (it only took two days!) and I passed!! Now I just have one test in May and the last one in June. I can’t believe how quickly things are progressing!

Abigail made a card for Paul. Halfway through, she decided to make it for me as well…but couldn’t figure out how to give it to both of us, so she cut it in half. The left side is her and me and the right side is her and Paul (do you see his beard?). I love kid drawings!
The spray bottle fight was a lot of fun on a warm day!
They had to fill up the shooter and try to see who could knock the cups off the table first. I imagine this was the station Abigail was at (her field day was on a different day than Joseph’s) when she dumped the water on herself. Always keeping me on my toes, that one is!
An epic light saber battle ended in a truce and both parties journeyed upstairs to play. I love the relationship these two have!
The zipper on my previous Chromebook case busted, so I told Paul who said he’d grab me a new one. The previous case was the one Paul had used when the Chromebook belonged to him, so it was a plain black one, which he prefers. He mentioned he decided to get me a cute one, but I didn’t realize just how cute until it came. He’s got good taste and has a firm grip of knowing what I like. 🙂

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