Time To Chill!

This week provided a much-needed time to chill for 3/4 of the family (Paul still was working). I did a little bit of work right at the beginning of break (mainly report cards and a bit of lesson planning), but for the most part, I made myself not open my computer. We also had the time change back to Daylight Savings Time, so the kids’ sleep schedule (mainly Abigail) was a bit off. We didn’t really go anywhere or do anything out of the ordinary. Normally I’m itching to take the kids somewhere and do something with them, but after the last couple of months, I was ready to do…nothing. I’ll make it up to them over summer break. 😉 The weather also was a bit wonky-donky (some days were warm and sunny while other days were cold, windy, and rainy…today included). I’ve just got today and tomorrow left before reality hits me in the face in the form of Paul’s alarm going off at 5AM and knowing that I actually have to get up (instead of rolling over and snuggling down in the covers like I have been doing). Just nine more weeks! 😀

Going down the slide. She asked me to take her picture so that she could see how good she was getting at it. 😀
It’s hard to see (and Abigail knocked it down with a rake before I could get back to photograph it better), but there is a spiderweb here, with a spider in it. If you look slightly above and to the right of the leaf, there’s a white smudge. That white smudge is a mass of web that is hiding the spider. I walked up to the web (I could see it from the back porch) and the spider was more in the center of the web. As I got closer, it scurried up and into the mass of web (it was kind of cup-shaped, so it hid the spider well). Nature is amazing!
I’ve been eyeing this Ms. Marvel bag for a while and it finally dropped in price to where I felt I could justify getting it. I also grabbed one for Tracie, since her birthday is coming up. 😀
These two have been friends for probably 6-7 years now. They don’t get to hang out too often, but when they do, they seem to be able to pick up right where they left off.
I was on my way home from getting the car washed after a busy morning with the kids (I left them home when I went to get the car washed because I knew they’d be happier at home than at the car wash, haha) and I realized I hadn’t eaten anything…and it was almost 2:00. I swung through a drive-thru on the way home and splurged with a shake. This is me finishing up my meal in the car so that nobody (*ahem* Abigail) would ask where there’s was. 😉
Paul is getting me really set up with a home office. He brought up the idea of setting me up with a monitor so that I could have two screens open at once. This is a game changer. This way, I can have one screen open with my grade book and another screen open with whatever program I’m pulling grades from. It’s way more efficient than having to click back and forth between tabs!
This is Paul’s new set-up. He gave me the monitor he had been using and got himself a new one. This is helpful for him when he’s working from home (he often needs to have several tabs open at once, so it makes way more sense to have separate screens instead) and makes online gaming more fun.
Blowing bubbles. I love that she still loves the little things!
Hey, look! It’s the resident tween!
He heard me whispering about “such a rare sight to see one in the wild” and how I “needed to document its presence.” 😉
Paul got me a desk pad (kind of like a giant mouse pad). It’s nice to be able to rest my wrists on something softer than the desk and it’s pretty!

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