One More Week and Signs of Spring

There’s one week before we get to spring break. I think I’m looking forward to it as much as the kids, haha. This next week I need to get my students’ reading levels updated and try to get report cards done (they aren’t due until the Monday after spring break, but I really don’t want to be working on spring break if I don’t have to). This past week, we had Read Across America. Abigail’s favorite day was getting to walk in the Book Character Parade. She borrowed Joseph’s old Sonic the Hedgehog comic book and she was ready! I spent most of yesterday planning and grading (in between grocery shopping and laundry) and Paul spent most of yesterday doing yard work. He reconfigured our front porch area and even though it’s not quite done yet, it’s already looking great! The kids spent yesterday doing what kids do best: playing and relaxing, haha.

She loved getting to give my students high fives during the parade!
She was moving so fast, her hood kept falling off. 🙂
It always makes my heart melt a bit when I see the kids in Paul’s old uniforms.
The snap dragons didn’t survive the last freeze, but there were enough seeds buried for some to pop up on their own! The wildflowers are also starting to grow, which makes me happy.
This area next to the walkway has always struggled to grow grass, so Paul decided to take the stones from the patio planter area and make this planter. Abigail picked tulips to plant there. 🙂
My shamrocks bit the dust with the last freeze, but there’s this one little guy popping out. We’ll see what happens. 🙂
His plan for this area (now that he moved the planter) is to make a bench and then put the rose (which somehow survived the last two freezes) on top of it.
Paul planted tomato seeds a while back and we’ve got seedlings! We’re well on our way to our spring garden.

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