We Have Two Kids, I Promise

I’m starting to notice a trend in our family dynamic. Joseph has taken to hanging out in his room more and more. At first I was a smidge concerned, but then I realized he’s NINE. He’s practically a preteen. Yikes! He’s got a room full of LEGOS, books, and his different video games. No wonder he’s almost always in there. It seems like, as of late, when I post pictures on here, they’re always Abigail and not Joseph. I need to try to get more pictures of him before he turns into a crazy teenager who refuses to be photographed, ha. So, I promise we have two kids…one has just become rather…elusive.

In other news, the mockingbirds have been rather cheeky as of late. I was out watering on Monday and had to duck as about four of them raced over my head, chasing each other. Then, a couple of days ago, I heard them going at it again in the front yard. All of a sudden, I heard a big crash against the storm door (the regular door was open). I realized one of them must’ve hit it, but I didn’t see a bird on the ground. Hopefully it’s okay!

As far as things going on in our lives: Paul’s been busy with work and yard work, I’ve been busy with the kids, house, and teaching piano, and the kids have been busy with their own things. Joseph is doing well at school, but I think he’s ready for summer break. We’ve got about a month and a half to go. Abigail keeps me on my toes with her shenanigans and active imagination. 🙂

Checking out a caterpillar that Paul caught.
It’s a spiky black one with green spots. In this picture, it’s right on the bottom of the jar.
I still get excited when my rolls turn out well! I made these big since I wanted to use them as buns for meatball sandwiches.
A good friend dropped off some clothes that her girls have outgrown. Abigail was excited to find this dress-up dress and matching doll. 😊
She said she was a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. She then asked me to take her picture. 😁

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