Gardening and Yummy Food, Oh, My!

This past week was another week full of average events for us. A couple things that happened for various family members (a book club meeting for me, a haircut for Joseph, etc.), while different than last week, were still rather typical events for us. 🙂 Paul did go to Lowe’s this morning and grabbed me another Mexican heather plant so that I could have one on each side of the tomato plant. The tomato plant surprised me because as I was watering other plants, I glanced over at it and saw hiding tomatoes. I thought I just had one growing! I went over and started to take a closer look. It turns out that I probably have more like 8-9 growing! Crazy plant. Paul also got some more mulch to spread around, and he mowed the front lawn. He might have also gotten the back yard, but I was upstairs cleaning the bathrooms (such a glamorous life we lead on Saturdays, huh? haha), so I missed it if he did. I’m so grateful for all the hard work he does to keep our yards looking nice. I’m also grateful that he brings me pretty flowers that I can tend to. 🙂 I did spend this week making yummy lunches (I was getting a bit tired of eating sandwiches every day), which was fun. I also threw some pictures in of the bathroom rug I got a couple weeks ago and pictures of how it looks with the decorations I already had in there. 🙂

This is what happens when I tell her to say cheese. She looks at me and literally says, “Say ‘Cheese!'” 🙂
This was my rose bush on Monday…
…this was Wednesday…
…and this was today (Saturday). I can’t believe how many blossoms it has on it right now!
She’ll just randomly walk up to me at times and ask me to take her picture. 🙂
This is the perfect example of how our weather has been most of the week: warm, humid, and overcast. The sun came out a little bit every day, thank goodness. I need my sunshine!
My new rug. I love how it looks. At first I was a little wary with it being so light, but it is machine washable, so I can just toss it into the washer when it does get dirty.
How it looks with the rest of the decor.
A close-up of the decorations in my bathroom. I got the porcelain flower at Target, I did the cross-stitch of the dragonflies, and a friend took the picture of the hummingbird that happened to be scratching its ear.
She asked that I make a fort for her and her bat.
Once it was assembled, she moved things around a bit and turned it into Minnie’s Bow-tique. I love her active imagination!
Lunch one day was avocado toast and sauteed zucchini.
Another lunch was a quesadilla (I love how crispy I can get them in my skillet) and sauteed yellow squash.
Abigail asked for popcorn so that she could have a movie night (watching her current favorite, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”). I love that i can make fresh popcorn in the microwave without having to have bags on hand. A container of kernels takes up way less room than a big box!
She insisted I take a picture of her with her “hat”. Also, she spent a solid 25 minutes inside the entryway closet with a flashlight, telling stories (with a lot of shrieks and gasps) to her rainboots. No, really…that’s what she told me when she finally popped her head out. This kid…
The big clump of hiding tomatoes. I think there’s five in this bunch.
Another three tomatoes.
My new Mexican heather plant.
I love having a plant on each side of the tomato plant. The one on the right is also Mexican heather, but I’ve had it a year or so…and it got pretty badly damaged from the cold weather in February. I should have taken it inside when we had our first hard freeze…I’ll be sure to be more careful this next winter with both of them…even if it’s just moving them into the garage so they avoid the frosts). I was happy to see the darker green bits pop up. That gives me hope that it’ll recover.
The mint is looking amazing!

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