Where’s My Boat?

Oof. We have gotten a ton of rain in the last few days. We’ve had brief breaks between storms, but it really feels like we’ve had 4+ inches of rainfall so far (and it’s currently raining, as I type). I can’t really complain, though. We just entered Stage 2 water restrictions, which means we can only water on our specified day and at a specified time. Hopefully this rain will help! We had a pretty crazy storm a couple of nights ago. It dropped hail the size of nickels (luckily it was really sporadic, so no damage) and a ton of rain. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as areas further out. They had tennis ball sized hail and there was even a small tornado that briefly touched down (thankfully, it didn’t sound like anyone was hurt). Yesterday’s rain and today’s rain has been a little less volatile.

In other news: Paul has been making the most of this rainy day. Since he can’t do yard work, he’s been doing some work around the house. He’s already replaced the insides of one of the toilets and he’s currently switching out the faucets in our bathroom sinks. He’s also got a new light for the entryway that he’ll switch out at some point. I’m so grateful for all of his hard work that keeps our house looking nice! As for me, I got the second round of my COVID shot last night. So far, other than a rather sore arm, I haven’t had any other side effects. Joseph had a good week at school, and Abigail lost another tooth!

Heading back to the car on the way out of church last Sunday, she reeaallly wanted to take a picture with a stick (🤷). We told her we could do that if we could get her into her car seat first (we were afraid she’d bolt, we’d need to chase her down, and then deal with a tantrum getting her into the car, tbh).
Waiting for dinner (homemade pizza) to be done. She said, “I’m going to sit here and watch until it’s all done!” *three minutes later* “Uuuummm, maybe I’ll go watch Goof Troop instead.” 😂
Showing me the new hole in her mouth. Unlike her first one back in January (which was just loose enough to get knocked out when she bumped her cup against it), we knew this one was loose.
You can kind of see the adult tooth for the first one finally coming in (on the left).
Abigail was excited to find out that the Tooth Fairy was able to leave her some Bluey figurines in exchange for her tooth. 😊
Getting Bluey figurines naturally led to a Bluey marathon. It really is a cute show…and it’s hilarious, which always is a plus.
Dinner a few nights ago: breakfast hand pies. I used puff pastry for the crust and the filling was scrambled eggs, diced ham, cheese, and a bit of chives. A simple egg wash across the top made them nice and golden brown. They were pretty tasty!
We affectionately call this the Darr River. Any time we get a significant amount of rain, it seems to gather right here in the yard (better there than right at the base of the porch, though. You can also see some other areas with standing water. We really have gotten quite a bit of rain.

Bonus Video: the light show from the other night. Our trash cans were on the porch because the next day was trash day, but we didn’t want them to blow down the street or tip over during the storm.


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