Pictures of…Plants :)

This past week I did not take any pictures…at all. No pictures of the kids, nothing. Luckily, Paul took some pictures of some of our plants that we’ve (and I use that “we’ve” very, very loosely…Paul has done everything) been growing. The garlic and potatoes were kind of an experiment. We’ve grown tomatoes every year, but this is the first year we’ve successfully grown them from seeds and transplanted the seedlings into larger pots. They haven’t been too happy with the cooler temps, so we’ll see if they start taking off once it starts being consistently warmer. The potato plants prefer cooler temps, so they’ve been growing like crazy and the garlic right along with it. Garlic mashed potatoes, anyone? 😉

As for what our family has been up to, we’ve all been pretty busy. Paul has been busy at work getting his guys settled into their new office and making sure everything is up and running the way it’s supposed to be. I’ve been busy at work because it’s always busy, but now we’re really gearing up to review for STAAR (the end of the year standardized test), so life is…crazy. The kids have been handling having two full-time working parents like champs. I’m trying to be better about asking for help and Paul has been amazing at stepping up to the plate (sometimes literally on days I’m rolling in right at dinner time and he’s got it either completely prepped or ready and waiting). I’m so blessed with my eternal companion!


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