The Rain Might Be Here to Stay

Weekly Happenings: We really didn’t do too much out of the ordinary this past week. The weather kind of kept us home bound (rain is one thing…torrential downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning is quite another). I did get a couple of nights out with friends for a baby shower and a going away party, which was really nice. Paul and Joseph got a lot of father-son bonding time this week, which was fun, too. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: It’s been crazy to say the least. We’ve had some form of precipitation, be it just a smattering of rain or a full day of it, every day since the beginning of May. We’ve also had a couple of crazy thunderstorms (one where the thunder literally shook the house hard enough that I thought there had been an earthquake…I guess it’s the Californian in me) and even a tornado watch/warning or two (no actual tornadoes, though). We had a watch one day, which means that conditions are favorable for a tornado to develop. Another day there was a warning issued (which means that conditions are REALLY favorable or that one has been spotted either by a person or on doppler radar), but it was down south of us. *whew!* Today, the rain was really coming down. Joseph was watching a show on the television and the power flickered a couple of times. When it came back on the second time, the picture on the TV was upside down. At first I thought it was just the Roku Box, but when I went to change the input to get it back to TV mode (at Paul’s suggestion), we noticed it was everything that was upside down. !!! Luckily, turning the TV off and back on seemed to fix the problem. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work and school as always. He took his turn teaching his class for Pathway on Thursday. As mentioned before, he and Joseph had a lot of bonding time this week. Joseph really loves hanging out with his Daddy. They play video games together, read books, and have a general good time. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much, really. I do have to share something really nice that happened while I was finishing up my grocery shopping. I had Joseph hop into the car to get into his car seat while I unloaded groceries into the back of the van. As I was finishing up, I was approached be a woman who said she noticed I had a young child in the car and she offered to take my cart back so that I wouldn’t have to either leave him in the car or have to haul him along whilst I returned it. It was such a small thing, but it made a huge difference in my day that day.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been a bit stir crazy as of late. I think the weather may be affecting him (mainly because he can’t get out and expend a lot of his energy outside like he normally does). His new thing is to try to do headstands while on the couch. This is frustrating me to no end, partially because I can remember doing the same thing as a young child, so I am really trying to be patient while repeatedly telling him to stop (and reminding him of how he should be sitting on the couch). Well, today at church, he tried to do the same thing (a headstand) in the pew. It sure kept me on my toes trying to keep him seated on his bottom! He also almost got the cup from the Sacrament stuck in his mouth or throat. I should preface this with the fact that I never really had a hard time with him as a baby as far as sticking things into his mouth that he wasn’t supposed to. Well, today, he decided he was going to stick the little plastic cup into his mouth. We were telling him to spit it out, so he spit the water onto Paul’s lap (sad face), but Paul had to take the cup out because Joseph either couldn’t or wouldn’t take it out (I’m strongly leaning towards the latter because he can be very stubborn at times). Methinks that next week we will remind him of proper Sacrament cup etiquette beforehand.

This Week in Pictures:

We had days that were full of torrential downpours. It’s hard to see in this picture, but there was a good inch or more of water flowing down the entire street (even the middle).
We also had days where there was just one tiny rainstorm and then it was overcast but dry the rest of the day. Our grass is really loving it.
He was making his action figures rappel down the rope.
There was one morning that he spent almost the entire morning playing with his Duplos.
I love that he just builds what he wants and doesn’t have to stick to the “plans”. My favorite was what he called his “house car” (you can see it in the very front of the picture with the white window block on top).
I was so amazed by this sky that I felt compelled to pull over (I had just backed out of our driveway) and snap a picture. I don’t think I have ever seen such a crisp delineation between clear sky and cloud cover. It almost looks like the sky meeting the ocean, except we’re smack dab in the middle of Texas. 😉
Getting out his energy in a productive way: boxing practice with Daddy. 😉

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