A Day for the Mommas

Weekly Happenings: This past week may have been considered by some as a boring week, since it consisted of mostly staying home, but for us, we love being home, so it was a great week. We really didn’t leave the house for much except little errands here and there (oh, and for teaching piano; I have a few students where I go to their place instead of them coming to our home). We did have friends over for dinner after church on Sunday (which was really fun), went out for frozen yogurt after going to the library on Monday, and out on a fun family date night last night to a pizza restaurant. This particular restaurant let Joseph mash some dough flat and then they took the dough back, put some sauce and cheese on it, baked it, and brought it back out. He was pretty excited to get to eat his own pizza. 🙂 This morning, I awoke to find that there were some special happenings because of Mother’s Day: Paul bathed Joseph so that I could take a shower (he does this often, though), made me breakfast, and then presented me with my present, a paper-mache egg…JUST kidding. He had hidden my present inside the paper-mache egg, placed it in a basket (to make it look like an egg in a nest), and had included a card that thanked me for being the best momma bird around (inspiration came in part from the baby birds who just left the nest on our patio). My presents were a new watch and a new phone charger for my car. 🙂 After opening presents, we headed to church. Joseph sang during Sacrament meeting (with the Primary). It’s so fun seeing him up there trying to sing along when he only knows one or two words of the song (but when he realizes he knows them, he gets a huge smile on his face). He also enjoyed waving at us. 🙂 Paul made it through Sacrament meeting before needing me to take him home because he was getting an ocular migraine. Luckily, after sleeping for a couple of hours, he seems to be doing better.

The Weekly Weather: Amazingly, it at least sprinkled (if not rained heavier than that) every day last week (today, as well) and it’s supposed to do that again this week. It’s crazy! We’ve also had a few thunderstorms roll through. It’s still warm (and incredibly humid), but that comes with the territory of spring/summer in the South.

What Paul’s Been Up To: The major thing this week was that he was finally able to get into the doctor to get some replacement orthopedic inserts for his shoes. He had called someone a while ago about it, but hadn’t heard back. While he was at work Friday, his feet really started hurting him (more than they had on a daily basis since his previous inserts had worn down pretty badly). He was limping around work and his boss told him to see if he could get a walk-in appointment. Now, hopefully, his feet won’t hurt as much at work!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much to report this week. I will be losing two of my students in June (when they move to Utah), but hopefully I will be able to pick some more up. I guess it’s time to advertise again. 🙂 I did get to hang out with a bunch of girlfriends this weekend, which was loads of fun. It’s always good to get out and chat with the girls.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He was really good at demonstrating cabin fever after being stuck inside for a few days straight. I think that even if it’s just a trip to the park, we need to do things outside of the house more (it’s hard when the weather isn’t agreeable) so that he isn’t crazy acting. He’s also reminding me on a daily basis just how sweet he is. Today, for instance, he needed to get my attention (he wanted a snack), so he came up and said, “Ummm…honey?” Hahahahaha! I answered with, “Yes, dear?” He then asked for a snack. 🙂 Finally, he is constantly reminding us about how friendly he is. There were several times last week that he introduced himself to different people (the cashier at Target, for example) and told them a bit about what we were doing (in that instance, buying avocados to make guacamole).

This Week in Pictures:

15 - 1 (34)
“Hiding” from Daddy.
15 - 2 (12)
Swinging with one of his best buds (who is the son of our friends that we had over for dinner last Sunday).
15 - 3 (8)
This was one of the additional reasons we bought the swing set: so he could swing with friends.
15 - 4 (7)
They were both having such a great time.
This is definitely one of my favorites!
Dress up day…here he is being Spiderman. 🙂
Then he added his cow ears that he got at the rodeo a few months ago.
15 - 1 (35)
Then he wanted to dress up like an Army man.
15 - 1 (36)
Frozen yogurt after getting new library books. This was the first time Joseph got his own. He was uber excited and was telling anyone who would listen that he got vanilla with strawberries.
15 - 1 (37)
Watching Mario videos on YouTube and munching on popcorn.
I love that he gets lost in his imaginative play at times.
15 - 1 (38)
Serenading me while I was making lunch.
And here’s the big finish!
Mashing the dough at the pizza restaurant…
…he had so much fun!
15 - 3 (9)
Easting the finished product.
My Mother’s Day present, all wrapped up.
Cutting into it.
My new watch.
My new phone charger for the car.
Joseph’s information sheet about me that he did in Primary. I’m apparently five years old, purple is my favorite color, he likes everything I cook, I tell him about Daddy making paper-mache (evidently thanks to this morning), I play no games with him (maybe he means that he refuses to let his less-than-coordinated mom help him play video games?), and I am special because I do everything for him.

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