Down-to-Earth Week

Weekly Happenings: We kept this past week pretty down-to-Earth since we knew the weekend would be crazy with our overnight beach trip. I’m going to write up another post about that…so stay tuned! We really didn’t do too much out of the ordinary.

The Weekly Weather: Rain, rain, RAIN! The lake/reservoir by us has risen THIRTY FEET in the last WEEK! The Edwards Aquifer (where most of San Antonio’s water supply comes from) has risen above drought condition levels (if it stays that way, we will no longer have water restrictions). Other parts of the state have experienced (and are still experiencing) flooding, but we’re doing pretty well here in South Texas. We had some crazy thunderstorms and a tornado warning (where they advise people to take shelter right away), but we’re all okay (I don’t think there was even a tornado in our part of town…but better safe than sorry)!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work and school as usual. He ordered a new blade for our lawn mower and is excited to get a chance to install it since the old one is pretty bent up and leaves our yard looking a bit shaggy.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: My piano recital is swiftly approaching. I will be joining forces with my friend who teaches voice, so it should be a great recital.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: A cute story from his Primary teacher: they were playing duck-duck-goose at the end of their lesson and he was running around trying to get his friend. His teacher asked him if he was out of breath. He said, “No I not…I’m IN breath!” One of his “Joseph-isms” is saying that things are either “upside-down” or “upside-up” (which totally makes sense to me)., Oh, and the other day, he noticed his shadow on the ground. He started dancing around, watching it, and then said, “Hey! That guy’s not stayin’…he’s stickin’ to me!” I love the way he sees the world! Oh, and today he got to say the theme in Primary. We practiced throughout the week and I whispered it in his ear as he said it into the microphone. He did really well, said all the words perfectly, and didn’t seem nervous at all. It probably helped that Paul was in the back, giving good moral support. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Checking out my chair to see what needs “fixin'”. Note the safety goggles. 🙂
Loading up his tools…
…and getting down to business.
This was the morning after he had run into a part of the playground at the park and had busted his lip open.
As is clearly seen, it didn’t slow him down too much (other than when it first happened…he was understandably quite upset)…I’m starting to find it difficult to get a normal picture out of him.
Ah, there’s one!
15 - 1 (40)
“Shooting” aliens at the park…

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