Thanksgiving and Some Pre-Christmas Fun

This past week was much better. We all had the week off, which was nice to be able to relax. We slept in, hung around the house, went to see the zoo Christmas lights, had a friend over for Thanksgiving dinner, and decorated for Christmas. It’s been a nice week!

Abigail has been getting adventurous with her spelling. She likes to put letters in random order and see if I can actually pronounce it. This one was fun.
We picked our tiny pumpkin!
The perfect Thanksgiving decoration. 😉
We like to go see the zoo lights before it gets busy. The drizzly cold weather kept the crowds away. Abigail was being silly and wouldn’t hold still for a picture, so this is the best we got. 🙂
She asked Paul to take her picture. I love that toothless grin!
Pecan pie! I love that I’ve figured out how to make this. 🙂
This is the face of a little girl who is, apparently, STARVING. This is what she said as she dramatically flopped on the couch: “I’m…starving…I can’t wait…for bedtime snack…I have to wait FIFTEEN MORE MINUTES?!”
Paul got the turkey all ready to go into the smoker.
He smoked the turkey and some potatoes. I took care of the other sides for the meal.
I love making rolls!!
A picture that Abigail’s teacher took of her last week.
Decorating her tree. She wore that hat all day (even when we went out to eat and went to a couple of stores).
Joseph decorating his tree. He decided to keep it downstairs this year.
My gnome club.
Itty-bitty birds!
This looked like a good corner to put my angels.
Abigail helped hang up the stockings.
This is one of my favorite spots.
This is the other favorite spot.
I love this Dr. Seuss quote!
My metal sign. I love its multi-meaning. 🙂
The big tree!
Paul found a wooden nativity that is perfect for our front yard.
I love that he “wraps” our garage door every year. 🙂
Our guards. 😉
A little bit of California nostalgia (extra points if you know what Rudolph is made of).
I really like the symmetrical kid trees.
The weather has been a bit…challenging this past week. It was overcast, rainy, drizzly, and just…blah. For more than a week, actually. This morning, the sun finally showed up and I am so happy!
I stumbled across this snippet of a quote (by Thomas S Monson) while looking for good Christmas quotes. It spoke to my heart and spirit. Yes, there are many fun things that happen during the Christmas season, but I hope to never forget that there is another “reason for the season”. I was not there during the Savior’s birth and I will probably never physically travel to Bethlehem, but I can travel there in spirit through the words that have been written and the songs that have been sung.

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