A Fresh Start

This past week was quite a bit better than the week previous. Paul and I did both end up needing to go into urgent care because we both had coughs and sore throats. We had a bacterial throat infection, but got some good antibiotics. I think we’re both on the mend. Abigail finished up her antibiotics and was able to go a full week at school. I started subbing at the kids’ school and was able to sub in a third grade class as well as help out in the early childhood class. This is the LITTLE littles…3-4 year olds who all have some sort of intervention needed: either they have speech delay, spectrum disorders, or some other challenge. They were cute but man, was I wiped at the end of the day, haha. Yesterday morning, Joseph said he wasn’t feeling well. I looked in his mouth and saw spots on his tonsils. I’m guessing that he’s got a version of what Paul and I had. I got him in to urgent care and on meds and I think he’s already doing better. Luckily we have this next week off so that he can finish his antibiotic and fully recover. It’s been quite the week!

Our baby pumpkin is almost ready to pick!
My sweet friend sent Abigail a little necklace because she felt so bad that Abigail had been so sick. Abigail was quite excited to get it. She had to wear it when we went to IHOP for dinner.
I got some new dangly earrings. They’re just…fun. 🙂
I also got this bracelet. The stone is called tiger’s eye and it’s just so pretty!
I’ve slowly been adding to my cookie cutter collection (say that three times fast, ha). Now to have the motivation to actually make cookies with the kids. 😉
I’ve been wanting better storage for my cookie cutters for quite some time now. Up to this point, they’ve been in a bag in a cupboard, but they would fall out every time I had to get anything out of that cupboard. I finally decided something had to be done. I found this jar at Target and it’s the perfect size! Also, this little chunk of counter is between the fridge and wall, so they can be out of the way but still in reach (they sit behind my bread box).
She asked for yogurt and I said no (it was kind of close to dinner). She laid down in protest, fussing a bit. I stepped over her and went upstairs to get some stuff done. I came down about twenty minutes later to get dinner ready and saw her still there. I thought, “Man, she is dedicated to her cause.” As I got closer, though, I could hear her snoring. The poor thing fell asleep. On the kitchen floor. I woke her up and got her onto the couch to watch a show while I got dinner on the table. Recovery has been tiring, I think.
A new adventure!
Ready for my first day!
I have a hard time resisting books…and Christmas books are especially hard to resist. The Charlie Brown one is bound in fabric, which is just…pretty. I couldn’t pass up the Texas one (Abigail asked why I got it and I said it was because I was in love with Texas…she said she liked it because she was in love with glitter, haha…the moon is rather glittery), and I love anything by Sandra Boynton.
Abigail finished her antibiotics, earned all her stickers, and got her grand prize…some little rolly-polly plush kittens (called hamster kitties which are from one of her favorite shows: Gabby’s Dollhouse).
It’s been rather cold the last few days. Normally we just have the kids layer their sweatshirts with their raincoats, but Abigail was complaining about still being cold. Yesterday we went to the store and found heavier jackets for both her and Joseph. I think the hood was the deciding factor for this one, don’t you?

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