Spring Means Pretty Flowers, Spectacular Sunsets, and A Lot of Long Walks

This past week really was quite nice. The weather was warm (but not too warm) and sunny (yes, I wore my hat), the flowers are in bloom, and nothing too crazy happened (well, we did need to replace our PRV yesterday, which wasn’t fun, but that’s more of a house maintenance type of thing). The kids both had good weeks at school and we’re all happy the weekend is here. Abigail and I did a lot of walking. I think we walked to the park three times. The only downside to spring is that the pollen count is crazy right now, so we’re all a bit sniffly at the moment.

My shamrocks absolutely love this weather…
…as do my snapdragons. This one is just huge!
These are the new ones that Paul got this year. I love the yellow marigolds and whatever these taller ones are.
These are ones that were in the wildflower seed packet that Paul sprinkled into the soil quite a few years ago. They seed themselves and come back every year.
When you find out you don’t actually have a magician’s costume (I mean, really…MOTHER!), you make due and make your own.
She was pretending the play structure was a pirate ship and this was the wheel.
Navigating the larger play structure. She’s getting more confident about traversing the wiggly bridge to get to the tall swirly slide.
I’m pretty sure she was telling me to walk the plank in this picture.
She loves these echo tubes. I think we spent a solid five minutes barking at each other through them, haha.
Our walks were usually full of stops for careful rolly polly observation.
Going down the tall twisty slide.
New baby leaf might be my favorite shade of green.
She loves getting into my jewelry (with my permission) and trying things on.
Spring mornings make me happy…
…especially when the sun peeks through the trees.
I had the larger metal flower as a spring decoration in a different part of the house, but I liked it so much I wanted to make it a permanent decoration. I took down the ceramic lighthouse pictures that were up here and put the flower there (and got a smaller one to complement it). I think they go quite nicely with my stained glass butterflies (which were a wedding present).
I took advantage of the fact that all the Easter decorations are on sale right now and picked up these bunny decorations as well as the burlap flower. The burlap flower is where that metal flower was before. I also made the decision to toss my paper flowers that I had hanging up there. They had been looking quite worn (they were paper, after all…and were several years only already).
I love the combination of the metal and the painted wood on the bunnies. I couldn’t resist that flower, either. It’s just the right touch of rustic.
Can you spot the Abigail? I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her: all of the couches were empty and that was where she chose to get comfy.
She asked me if she could clean something. Would any parent actually say no to that?! I got her the dust mop and then went back to what I was doing. I could hear her singing to herself, “We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no!” which is only funny if you’ve seen the Disney movie “Encanto”…there’s a character named Bruno that is part of the family in the movie…except nobody talks about him because of some crazy things that happened…so there’s a song about the entire ordeal.
I was stuck at a stoplight and glanced over to see this. Luckily the light was red long enough for me to dig my phone out of my purse and snap a quick picture. I love where we live!

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