Spring Flowers and A Fun Friday

This week started out great because it was the tail-end of General Conference. General Conference is when the leaders of our church in Utah (where the church headquarters are) broadcast a conference to the entire world. The talks are uplifting and informative, we learn about progress in the church (for instance, they just announced that there would be a temple built in Austin, which is exciting because it’ll be another one that will be kind of close to us). I made cinnamon rolls to go with breakfast, the kids hung out in their jammies, and we had a great weekend. The rest of the week flew by and then Thursday was the kids’ Fiesta parties. Fiesta is a huge party in San Antonio. It’s kind of like San Antonio’s version of Mardi Gras. I didn’t get to attend Joseph’s party (it was in his classroom and his teacher let us know that inside parties still can’t have visitors), but I did get to go hang out with Abigail at her party (since it was outside on their playground). Friday was a school holiday (because there’s a huge parade downtown that a lot of the marching bands are in…attendance on parade day would be abysmal at best, so they made it a holiday), so I took the kids up to New Braunfels. At Paul’s suggestion, we visited the McKenna Children’s Museum, which was fun. I think Joseph might have been a little old for it, but he still made the best of it and I think he had fun. Abigail had a blast. We then rounded out our fun day with a trip to Buc-ee’s and Happy Meals for dinner (the kids were excited to find out that McDonald’s currently has Sonic toys). Late last night, Abigail said that her stomach hurt. I didn’t think much of it, since she didn’t have a fever, but then she threw up. She ended up spending the night on a mattress on the floor of our bedroom so that I could be right there to help her get to her bowl. She threw up a few more times during the night (with the last time being about four in the morning), but she has kept water down and has even had a couple of pieces of bread. I’m thinking it was something she ate (maybe at her Fiesta party…I got to her party a bit late, so I missed seeing what she might have eaten) because she’s acting totally normal and still doesn’t have a fever; not lethargic like she is when she has a tummy bug. Oh, and did I mention Paul is up in Dallas for a political conference? I missed my clean-up helper last night, but we made it through. 🙂 Here’s to hoping she continues to improve. I still drop everything and jump up every time she coughs, but she has assured me that they’re “fake coughs” (what she calls a cough that doesn’t lead to her throwing up).

My cinnamon rolls…yum!
Getting a little quality sibling time in before Conference started. I think he was showing her something cool on one of his games.
My view while watching Conference. I love where I live!
I told Paul I thought the area under the bookshelves felt a little cave-like and might benefit from some extra light. He ran upstairs and grabbed one of our nightstand lamps (which we ended up not using nearly as much as I thought we would). It’s perfect! I love that it matches the decor that I have downstairs and that it wasn’t any additional money out of our pocketbook (and that something that wasn’t getting used now has a purpose and a use).
Enjoying a park morning.
A different park morning. At first, I couldn’t fathom what she had gotten into (my first thought was chalk, but there was no chalk anywhere around us), but then I remembered that it’s spring. In the South. Oak pollen is ev.er.y.where right now, and it’s bright yellow. She had just slid down a slide that was completely covered in pollen, haha.
My snapdragons have just exploded. When we planted them last year, there were just a few (I want to say that we had 5-6 baby plants). I had no idea they’d fill in to this point. All I did was snip off the spent blossoms and drop them into the soil…hoping that the seeds would sink down and germinate. Apparently they did!
Painting at her party…she ended up with paint everywhere. Luckily it was all washable, so whatever I couldn’t get off of her before we left came off in the washer (and bathtub, haha).
Blowing bubbles…I couldn’t resist that cute bubble-blowing mouth.
Her teachers gave each student a little plastic Mason jar with treats inside. They decorated the jar with a sombrero, a sarape, and a mustache. They turned out so cute!
She had me take the hat off of the jar so that she could give it to Eeyore. 🙂
Joseph’s class painted rocks and turned them into little cacti with googly eyes.
The children’s museum had a big space exhibit. There was a rocket as well as a dark tunnel with a bridge we could walk through that looked like space. Joseph didn’t like it because with it being pitch black with just pinprick “star” lights and there being a bit of openness (I’m still not sure if it was actually open underneath where we were walking…or how far down it went…or if it even did that at all or if it was an optical illusion), it really looked like we were in space and felt like all of a sudden we were really high up over a big drop. It was a bit of a disconcerting feeling.
My kids, the astronauts.
Joseph checking out the ambulance.
Abigail the paramedic and Joseph the (very patient) patient.
Heading off to another emergency call. 😉
Abigail loved the grocery store.
Joseph was a good sport and was her checker.
Silly boy with the play mustard.
This was a fun log in the camping section.
Even Joseph had to get in on the fun.
It was a fun time! I let them both pick something small from the gift shop. Joseph picked a Rubix cube and Abigail picked a harmonica.
The obligatory Bucc-ee’s picture.
The golden hour.
Paul got me new geraniums (since the freezes over the winter knocked out the old ones). I love this fuchsia one.
The red is so vibrant!
I really like the coral one, too.
Spring means that the geckos are back.

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