A Warm Week

This last week was a pretty typical one for the end of March. I can hardly believe we’re at the end of March. It seems like I was just tucking the Christmas decorations away last week! The weather was pretty typical for this time of year: chilly mornings and warm afternoons. The kids had a minimum day on Wednesday, so we met up with friends at a burger place that has a huge fenced in field (that’s laid with astroturf). It felt good chatting with my friends while the kids played…except we were sitting in the sun and I hadn’t thought to bring my hat. What a rookie mistake! My face got pretty pink and so did one part of one of my legs (I guess the rest of that leg as well as the other one were blocked somehow? I’m still scratching my head about that one). I enjoyed getting to be outside for my daily walks (for which I was sure to grab my hat), and the kids have enjoyed it being warmer when they’ve gone outside for recess at school. Paul had his annual work picnic this week as well. Unfortunately, it was on a weekday, so it didn’t line up to have me take the kids out for it. This morning I got to go to the stake Relief Society activity celebrating the birthday of the Relief Society. It was so fun getting to see my friends from other wards as well as my friends from my ward who I don’t get to see often because we’re busy with our callings during Sundays. While I was gone doing that, Paul took the kids to Lowe’s and came home with new flowers for the front and a cute birdbath for the back. I have a feeling that Abigail influenced the choice of which birdbath to get…you’ll see why I think that in a moment.

Once St. Patrick’s Day passed, Abigail started asking when we would put out the spring decorations. I complied pretty readily. I left up the rainbow garland (it works both for St. Patrick’s and spring), but traded the shamrocks out for flowers. 🙂
This is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson and I simply love it.
Those bunnies right there were the reason Abigail kept asking about the spring decorations. She remembered them from last year. She absolutely loves those bunnies. I’ve told her she needs to be careful (they’re plaster and probably wouldn’t survive a fall from the piano to the floor), so she’ll ever so carefully stick out a finger and pet their heads. 🙂
My purple shamrocks…*happy sigh*…they sure are happy with the warmer temperatures!
I jokingly told her she needed to stick two fingers up for the picture (she doesn’t really know about peace signs just yet, I don’t think) and she was happy to comply. I sure love this little bug!
Can you tell I was wearing big sunglasses? 😂
Here’s my leg. 😬
Do you see the remnants of Wednesday’s outing on my forehead? My poor face, haha.
Paul got a few flowers to fill in the front (which, in this picture is on the left). Some of the wildflowers have come back and last year’s snapdragons (on the right) are back in full force. Paul also made the tree ring bigger and added more mulch. It looks really nice!
Do you see why I think Abigail influenced the decision about the birdbath? Now I just need to remember to keep the water in there fresh so that the mosquitoes don’t turn it into a breeding ground. 😉

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