Spring is On Its Way!

Weekly Happenings: This past week was a pretty normal one. Joseph had Read Across America Week, which meant a different dress-up theme each day. I didn’t think to take pictures of any of the days, though. Well, there are a few pictures of the last day because one of my friends was so kind as to snap a few pictures of him in the storybook character parade (which I had to miss because it conflicted with Abigail’s breakfast time). Other than that, our week was pretty average.

The Weekly Weather: It’s starting to be a little more consistently warm, but there were a few mornings/evenings that cooled down quite a bit, which meant I had to brush up on my layering skills. A few rainstorms here and there made for a nice change, too. It’s pretty much spring in South Texas, even if the calendar doesn’t agree quite yet. 😉

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been working hard at work and with school. Not too many differences on that front.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary on my end, either.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed getting to go to the park after school a couple of days (the weather really was perfect) and also liked doing all the dress-up days (crazy socks, mismatched clothes, crazy hair, “nerd” day, and favorite storybook character day). He also got a much-needed haircut.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She got the all-clear from her doctor, so no more ear-infection (yay!). She also enjoyed the park afternoons. She would be happy to stay in the baby swing the entire time…in fact, I held my arms out to pick her up out of it (normally she’ll reach back when I do that) and she just sat there with this look on her face that said, “Nope. Not done yet.” 🙂 Oh, and when I pick her up, she’ll sometimes snuggle up to me and then pat my arm or back. I’ll pat her back and then stop. She’ll then pat me again so that I’ll pat her again. We think that’s pretty cute. She also wants to be wherever Joseph is, doing whatever he’s doing. So it begins…

This Week in Pictures:

It’s hard to tell, but Minnie Mouse had to come along on our walk to get Joseph from school.
Kissing the baby in the reflection. I asked her if she was kissing the baby and she did it again, accompanied with a “muah” for emphasis. 😂
Enjoying a stroll in 75° weather.
She was happily playing with toys until she saw Joseph go into his room. She crawled over as fast as she could but didn’t quite make it in time before he shut the door (he was wanting to play with his LEGOS). She then decided to stand up and bang on the door, haha.
Trying to figure out the alphabet bus (she already figured out that if she kept pushing it down, it would eventually fall off the magnet board, haha).
Enjoying the swings at the park.
I used a shamrock decoration as a template to make a fun banner for St. Patrick’s Day.
I picked up some fun decorations for St. Patrick’s Day (and some spring stuff as well).
I really liked this little wooden shamrock.
The shamrock with the Irish blessing on it is something I already had, but I added the rabbits and spring egg decorations this year.
Our new door decoration for St. Patrick’s Day. I had a different one, but the older it got, the more glitter would fall off…not a good thing when one has a crawler who likes to pick up things (especially shiny things) to put in her mouth.
I hadn’t really planned out any of the dress-up days and wasn’t really planning on trying to figure out a costume for him for “dress like your favorite book character” day until he mentioned there would be a parade (and seemed like he really wanted to be in it).
So he wore his Link costume and brought along his Legend of Zelda graphic novel as proof that Link is a book character (yeah, we stretched it a bit, I know).
We went to a friend’s house to play and Abigail discovered the bead necklaces, haha. The best part is that she did this to herself. She tried to put the first one on like a hat (because everything is a hat right now) and happened to get it on. There was no turning back at that point!
Joseph and one of his buddies at the park.
Paul found a Pokémon hat for Joseph. He was just a “little” excited about it.

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