Park Days and Home Ownership Fun

Weekly Happenings: We practically lived at the park this past week. The weather was so nice that we went almost every day after school (and some mornings with just Abigail and me). We also got the new living room furniture that we ordered (our old stuff was still structurally sound, but the bonded leather was starting to delaminate, which made it start to crack and peel). We ended up giving them to someone who really needed them and didn’t care about the cracking. We found these great couches (and a chair) that are microsuede, but look like leather. We’re really happy with them. We also purchased a new microwave and Paul installed it (I would like to say I helped, but all I did was help hold it steady a couple of times, haha). Some of the number buttons on our old one had stopped working which was starting to make using it rather frustrating. I’m so grateful that we’ve been blessed with the means to make these purchases!

The Weekly Weather: It’s sort of reminded me of Southern California as of late. The mornings and evenings have been cool while the afternoons have been warm. It’s been so nice!

What Paul’s Been Up To: School and work as usual…as well as the microwave installation.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: My regular stuff kept me pretty busy. I also walked to the park and back with Abigail a couple of times. It’s a 3 mile round trip, so it’s a good workout for me and a fun time for her. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had Field Day at school, which he said was really fun. He’s looking forward to this next week which is spring break.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s continuing to show us new things every day. She’s really into playing peek-a-boo (where she puts something in front of her own face to do so) and has also learned how to blow kisses. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

She’s definitely in the “roam the halls” phase at church. Paul took her into an empty classroom and let her pound on the chairs, haha.
This one LOVES the swings.
Where’s Abigail? At the car bin, of course!
Driving through the galaxy.
They BOTH love the swings!
Our new living room furniture.
The love seat is stationary, but the couch has two recliners. The chair (which is actually a rocker) reclines as well.
Enjoying the new furniture.
Daddy-daughter fun.
We went to Dairy Queen on Friday for a little treat.
This one kept me busy by constantly taking off her shoes and socks.
She looks really sorry about it, doesn’t she? 😉
The new microwave. Luckily, we were able to use the mounting bracket and hardware from the old one, which made installation a bit easier. Paul put two Rubbermaid storage bins on either side of the stove to rest the microwave(s) on during park of it which really saved his arms.

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