Rodeo Fun 2018

Weekly Happenings: This past week, Paul and Joseph both had Monday off (Presidents’ Day), so we headed to the rodeo. It was a “Dollar Day” (grounds admission is only a dollar each, rides are only one ticket each, there are certain foods/drinks that are only a dollar, etc.), which is another reason we opted to go then. Joseph had fun on the rides, I (barely) managed to not get sick on the one ride he really wanted to go on but needed an adult with him (I don’t know that either of us will do that one next year; he admitted to it making him too dizzy afterwards, even though he said it was fun), we enjoyed walking around the grounds and seeing all the different animals, and had a fun hot dog lunch (side note: Abigail likes hot dogs, haha). It’s good that we had so much fun on Monday because the rest of the week was pretty average (not bad; just regular) and we were stuck inside for most of it due to the weather.

The Weekly Weather: As eluded to, the weather has been quite…damp. It’s rained a couple of times here and there (and we had a middle-of-the-night thunderstorm that thankfully didn’t wake either child), but it’s mostly been that in-between misting/sprinkling where if you’re out in it for five minutes, you still end up rather soaked, haha. We’re supposed to get a chance to dry out a bit this next week with rain in the forecast for only a couple of days mid-week.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mostly his same laundry list: work, school, awesome-Daddy-ness, and the like. I love that he makes time for the family when I know he is so busy with work and school.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary on my part. Pretty much my same laundry list, too (that includes actual laundry, funny enough). I did have the difficult task of saying good bye to a good friend who is moving to Utah, but we did it in such a fun fashion (a legit surprise party), that it lessened the sting a bit.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He loved the rodeo, had a good week at school, and has had a blast playing with Abigail. The bigger she gets, the more she does, the more he likes to play with her. I do have to remind him on occasion that she’s little still and not quite ready for some of the rough-and-tumble stuff (her soft spot is still slightly there, among other things), but he is SO good with her.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s shown us that she recognizes the phrase, “Do you want to watch your babies?” (which is what I say right before turning on Baby Einstein), and is becoming even more interactive with us. On occasion, I’ll ask her a question that I usually know the answer to, (“Are you tired?”, “You want a pancake?”, etc.) and she’ll go, “Uh-huh”. I’m not sure if she really means “yes”, but I’d like to think it does. 🙂 She has also started clasping her hands together when I say it’s time for prayer and to fold her arms. It’s pretty cute. Oh, and we finished up her antibiotics for her ear infection, so I’m hoping that when we go in to have it checked out this next week that she’ll be in the clear.

This Week in Pictures:

She’s figuring out how to get herself up higher…she actually pulled the thing out and then climbed up on to it. Hoo boy.
A rodeo must-have.
He loves this cheese slide. He has to go on it every year.
Trying to “milk” a “cow”.
Figuring out the actual technique.
Fun times…
I love when he lets his inner goofy-side shine through.
I had to snap this shot real quick…it kind of captures the “carnival” feeling.
He loved this slide.
He even went on it twice.
This roller coaster was also a fun one.
He really liked being right in the front.
We look happy because this is before the ride, haha. 😉 This thing was soooo spinny. I don’t think we’ll do this one again. Joseph kept sliding into me and I was so worried he’d hit his face on the lap bar. We laughed through it (kind of forced on my part), but agreed that it made our tummies feel funny.
Making music.
Kitchen stuff makes for the best toys!
In the course of about ten minutes (or less…that’s just how long the car ride was), she pulled off her hat, both shoes, and both socks. She looks really sorry about it, too, doesn’t she? 😉
Showing me his “moves”.
In this week’s edition of “Stuff Abigail Wants to Carry Around in Her Mouth”: plastic measuring spoons.
I love seeing their love for each other.
So much of my heart right here…
She loved playing peek-a-boo with me in this thing.
Demonstrating just how to catch a Pokémon.
I’m sure going to miss this girl!
One of my friends who sells LuLaRoe had this dress that I thought would be something Abigail would grow into. When it came in the mail, at my friend’s suggestion, I tried it on her. I’m glad I did because it fits her right now. I would have been super disappointed if I had just packed it away only to pull it out and find it too small!

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