It’s Been a Week!

It was quite a week for us. It took Abigail quite a bit longer to get better than I anticipated (she finally went back to school on Wednesday). Joseph also got sick (and so did I, but it wasn’t as bad as the kids). He went to school on Wednesday, but missed Thursday. Both kids were feeling better by Friday, which was a holiday from school (Good Friday…I think the district has realized that a lot of kids either go to church on Good Friday or they leave to visit family for the Easter holiday, so they just made it a day off). Paul took both of the kids to the movies on Friday. They went to see the new Sonic movie. It was Abigail’s first time in a theater and she did really well! Paul has been fighting a bit of an upset stomach today (I was hoping it would miss him, but it looks like it won’t), so I took the kids to Old Town Helotes to walk around. We also went to one of the more kid-friendly antique stores (read: they have nice, wide aisles, have all their breakable stuff organized in a way that it won’t easily get bumped off a shelf, and sometimes have newer toys that the kids might like that aren’t especially expensive). Joseph found a wooden toy sword and Abigail found a jump rope. I found a really cool antique butter mold and a neat looking agate. The owner of the store was impressed with the kids’ behavior (Abigail actually did really well and listened to me when I told her to be careful) and let them both pick a few rocks out of her big bin of small polished rocks to take home. It was a fun morning. Weather-wise, it’s been…interesting. It’s been rather hot and humid (I think we kind of skipped real spring weather…we went from being cooler than normal right to being warmer than normal). We even had a surprise hail storm. Not much rain fell…mostly just hail. Luckily it was pretty small and the storm was rather short, so nothing got damaged.

The hail that fell. I took a video, but because of how I recorded it, it can’t be embedded. If you reeeallly want to see it, here’s the link:

Ten minutes later, it was like nothing happened.
Spring is kind of my favorite.
She made me banana pie for me to eat.
About thirty seconds before I took this picture, I told her not to make a huge mess because we had to leave for school soon. I guess we have different definitions of “big mess”. 🙂
We added a bird feeder to the yard. Now the birds have both a place to eat and a place to drink.
In Old Town Helotes.
Abigail really liked this little wagon.
This was a fun sign.
On a bridge in Old Town. I loved the area behind them.
They liked finding this bench (I think they’re both still a little tired from being sick earlier in the week). You can see the bridge in the background.
My antique butter mold.
I think it’s a really cool design. I also think it’s cool that people would go out of the way to make their butter look pretty.
My $1.00 agate.
I set it on my console table with these other items. I really like the grouping.
I think my new additions fit in perfectly.
Look at it in the light! 😍
A little brown bird thoroughly enjoying the bird bath.
A female cardinal (can you see her red head?) also stopped in for a drink.

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