Sooooo Busy

This past week was a bit on the crazy side for me. Report cards are coming up and we’re starting small group instruction in earnest, so I’ve been pulling late days almost every day trying to stay on top of it all. Paul has been an immense blessing (as have people who have stepped up to help with the kids). He took them to National Night Out (an annual event at our park), he’s cooked dinner pretty much every night, he’s just…stepped in whenever I’ve needed him to, without complaint. I am so blessed with my helpmate! Consequently, most of the pictures this week are ones he took.

I decorated a bit of my classroom for Halloween. I just got a few things to put on top of the cubbies.
Meet George (the skeleton) and Poe (the raven). I think George is going to become our class mascot and we’re just going to dress him up for all the other holidays.
I really loved the “sweater” pumpkin, as the kids call it…and one can never go wrong with silver and black pumpkins. I also really liked the black and white beaded garlands.
I found this battery-operated “Jack”-o’-lantern at H-E-B…the kids love it!
The whole set-up.
Enjoying some fancy ice cream at National Night Out.
The cutest little deer I ever did see (well, I didn’t get to see, because by the time I finished at work, they were already home and her face scrubbed off because she had sweat off half the face paint, so I’m super-grateful for this picture).
She was super-excited to tell me about the pony she got to ride.
Abigail’s school picture: 1st grade.
Joseph’s school picture: 6th grade
I’ve picked up a couple fun Halloween shirts for work. This is one of them.
This is the other one. It was fun having the kids try to figure out the math for it. I had to teach them that multiplication has to happen before addition. Once I told them that, they got it pretty quickly.
Abigail went to a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza and, as you can see, had a blast.
This is one of her favorites there.
I went to bed kind of grumpily on Friday night. There’s a lot happening at work and with it all still being so new to me, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Yesterday morning I woke up from a dream about work (rude, right?) and was still kinda cranky. I got up, got ready, and opened the garage door to get in the car to go grocery shopping. As the garage door raised, I was hit with a gust of cool air and realized it was no longer a bajillion degrees. It was, in fact, 67° and it felt so good! I went and grabbed a cardigan (because I am acclimated, y’all…I was cold!) and headed to the store with my brain in a better place ready to take on the day. It’s Spooky Month and the weather is slowly starting to reflect that. It’s funny how quickly weather can affect one’s attitude!
I picked up one of these (the dino, which is on the left) for my classroom (my students love these squishy things) and decided we needed one (the scorpion) for home, too. Abigail (who also loves these squishy things) was just a little excited to see it. I love that they are Día de Los Muertos-themed.

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