A Somewhat Celestial Event

I think the highlight of this past week was the annular eclipse. San Antonio was right in the path for seeing the complete “ring of fire”, so all we needed to do was make sure we had our solar glasses and then step out onto our front porch and look up. It was partially cloudy, but luckily it was also breezy, so we had plenty of opportunities to see it. I didn’t have a filter for my phone, so I didn’t take any pictures (taking pictures of the sun isn’t a good idea for the camera on one’s phone), but I had friends who were able to take pictures and said I could share them with family and friends. 🙂 Other than that, our week was pretty typical. I just finished up report cards and have most of my parent-teacher conferences set up. Paul is keeping busy at work and both kids are keeping more than busy at school.

I stopped by the store one evening to grab something and was greeted with this sky. We live in a beautiful world!
Abigail kept herself busy one afternoon by asking me to print up a picture of a bat so that she could draw one on my mini whiteboard. I think she did a pretty stellar job!
Checking out the “Ring of Fire”. It will be cool in April when the total eclipse happens. We’ll be right in the path for that one as well.
The shadows looked really cool during the eclipse. Like little crescent moons…
One of my friends was able to get this shot with the clouds and the eclipse. Pretty cool!
Another friend got this shot and the next one.
It makes me wonder what ancient people thought about celestial events such as this one. I learned that the Navajo regard eclipses as sacred events, but it would be cool to know what other groups of people thought when they saw something like this happening.
Last Christmas, I decided to print up some pictures of past Christmases to display. A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a really cute Halloween picture (it’s the one of Joseph dressed up like a Pokemon trainer and Abigail is dressed up as Pikachu, sitting in her stroller) and decided I wanted to do the same thing for Halloween. It took a couple weeks before I finally had time to send the photos off to be printed, but once I got that accomplished, it came together pretty quickly. I think I might do this for the kids’ birthdays and maybe for our anniversary as well.

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