Bring on the Spooks!

I almost only had one picture to post this past week, but then I put up Halloween decorations, so now there’s a slew of them. 🙂 This past week was full of our usual activities accompanied by coughing, sneezing, hacking, and sniffling. We’ve all been battling allergies. The kids have gotten by okay (well, Abigail had it pretty rough because she won’t take allergy medicine, so we’ve resorted to vaporizers and nasal sprays (which she surprisingly agreed to). Paul’s turned into a sinus infection needing antibiotics and mine turned into a visit to the urgent care a few days later to get a steroid shot and a z-pak just in case the symptoms continue after the steroids wear off. Putting up the decorations yesterday made the kids extra happy, which was a perfect ending to the week.

Showing her the ins and outs of Prodigy (a math app that she is using at school that he’s used in the past).
Both kiddos were happy to see Vampire Snoopy again!
One of my favorite decorations. I like how it’s Halloween-themed but also a bit rustic like the rest of my regular decorations.
Jack, Zero, a Dia de Los Muertos pillow, Abigail’s spider from pre-K (I still can’t get over the eyes), and a little Shakespeare to boot.
My BOO sign.
Halloween countdown.
The haunted house cut out paired with my new Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkins.
All I added here was the spiderweb, skeleton dog, and some candles.
I picked up this raven for my classroom (stay tuned for next week to see what I did there), but Abigail put it over here when I wasn’t looking and frankly, I liked it too much to put it back with the other classroom decorations.
I switched out the fall sign for a jack-o’-lantern, added the Nightmare Before Christmas hanging, and added a little tea light. I also stacked the pumpkins since I needed to move a couple of them from a different spot.
My piano is always my favorite decorating spot in the house.
Fake spiderwebs across the bookcase.
The dining table.
ghooooost liiiiights!
Jack-o’-lantern lights.
I pulled out my birthday banner. 😉
One of my all-time favorite lyrics from Nightmare Before Christmas.

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