Sleep is for the Weak

Weekly Happenings: This week was a pretty average one filled with errand running, playing, schoolwork, work, chores, and so-on. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened, so I think I’ll just leave it at that.

The Weekly Weather: Not much has changed from last week (other than no crazy rain or thunderstorms): hot, humid sunny days.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been starting to wrap up final projects, papers, and the like. Just one more week and he’s done! His allergies (or maybe a small cold) morphed into a sinus infection, but after a trip to urgent care for a steroid shot, some OTC sinus medication, and a bit of extra rest, he’s starting to feel better.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly my same-old, same-old: keeping the kids happy, the house {relatively} neat and orderly, and having a bit of fun in the mix (my monthly book club meeting was this week).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He continues to soak up summer vacation. I’m glad he gets some down time before heading back to school at the end of next month.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: Now we get to the reason behind this week’s title. She has been fighting sleep like it’s nobody’s business. It has come in the form of one super early wake-up call (we’re talking 3:45 A.M., y’all) and pitching monstrous fits at nap time and bedtime. A couple nights in a row we got her to go to bed happily by making it look like Joseph was going to bed also (one of those nights Joseph decided to put his pajamas on over his clothes since he wasn’t quite ready for pajamas yet). This is a challenging stage of life to be sure.

This Week in Pictures:

She was rather excited that her pilfered item lit up.
In an attempt to tame the mullet, I tried for a pony tail. She’s almost there, ha.
I put her shoes on her only to find that they were rather tight. When shopping for new ones, I decided I’d let her choose between this pair and a much more neutral pair. I’m not really surprised she went with these. As soon as we got home she wanted them on.
She’s really into stacking right now.
This is what happens when you pitch such a fit about taking a nap that Mom lets you skip it…I put her in here for snack time and walked away. About ten minutes later, I heard snoring. Yup…
I pulled out the old doll stroller that a friend had given Joseph when he was around this same age. After she had properly self-accessorized (I am NOT taking credit for this particular combination of clothing), she was ready to take it for a spin.
The next day she decided to take her doll for a ride.
I wanted to find a tray that might fit the travel booster seat we already have, but when I started searching, this thing popped up. I couldn’t believe how compact it was.
It folds out into a nice-sized seat and the tray is a decent size as well.
It even came with straps to secure it to a larger chair. When it’s all folded up it fits into that black bag (even the tray). The stuff they have these days…
Working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while snacking…she would pop one into her mouth and then while she was chewing she’d put the others into the canister and then take them back out.
Bringing another car to add to the pile in my lap.

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