Time Seems Like It’s Just Flyin’

Weekly Happenings: It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that we are already halfway through July. Well, in reality, I often catch myself thinking how did we get all the way to 2018 already, ha. This past week was a rather average one for the Darr household. We did go to one of our favorite BBQ places (a place called B. Daddy’s) as a family treat which was nice.

The Weekly Weather: We got quite a bit of rain at the beginning of the week…who am I kidding? A torrential downpour is more like it. It was a nice break from the heat (since it cooled things down a smidge).

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work and school. He’s down to just two weeks left before he’s done with his final classes. We’re all so excited for him!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly been trying to keep everyone under four feet tall occupied and happy during summer break. I didn’t realize how much I’d gotten used to the school routine until there wasn’t one. Man, there are a lot of hours in the day! 😉

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been soaking up this break. He also got a new LEGO kit which he was super excited to get to put together.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She is getting more and more into what I like to call the “I-do-it” phase. She wants to be in charge of closing any doors that are open, go up the stairs by herself, put things away, the whole nine-yards. Also, she has been letting us know (in a very screechy-Hulk-smash-like way) when we do something she doesn’t like. It’s got to be frustrating to realize that there are some things you can do, but others you can’t (but don’t know why), and you lack the vocabulary to communicate what you need or want. Luckily, those fits are (so far) few, so we almost always get to enjoy our sweet baby girl who has also spent a lot of this week waving and saying “hi” to anyone and everyone. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

It’s hard to tell, but the entire street had water running down it (not just in the gutters).
Darr Lake reappeared. Also, we didn’t need to top off the pool with the hose (because of evaporation) like we normally do once a week. Thanks, Mother Nature. 😉
He loves setting up his different action figures in various scenarios.
We had a $5 credit for the LEGO store, so we put that towards a new kit. He did probably 2/3 on his own. I helped with the last bit.
LEGOS have come a long way since I was a kid.
Look…there’s even a LEGO bat!
Checking out the car shopping cart.
Brother getting in on the act.
Going up the stairs.
We moved her Mickey table up to the loft play area. She approves. 🙂
She also approves of a show called Pocoyo. It’s an animated show about a little boy and his (I think) imaginary friends. It was on PBS when Joseph was little and I found out that Netflix has it.
The BBQ place we went to has a fun play structure out back. Here the kids were enjoying pounding on this plastic dome.
Checking out the big, wide world.
This was almost like a baby treadmill, Paul said. She was crawling as fast as she could and getting practically nowhere. It was kind of amusing.
She. Loves. Hats…any time of year, any type of hat.
I added a new succulent to my front porch. I love the simplistic look with it right in the center of the rocks. 🙂

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