NOT a Picture-less Post

I’m breaking from my normal format here because this post is essentially going to just be a ton of pictures. We just got back from visiting with family and friends in California. We had fun at some amusement parks, ate out (way too much, haha), and had a grand old time. We’re home now and trying to get back into our routine (especially the baby who decided to get onto California time just in time for us to get back home…). Included are a handful of pictures from right before we left as well. Enjoy! 🙂

Before vacation:

One o’clock church proves that sleep is NOT only for the weak. 🙂
Zoo fun. We sure love our little zoo!
I wonder if that miniature mongoose could smell his popcorn? 😉
Checking out the rocks…er, I mean hippos.
Jaguar sighting!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the picture of sheer determination. Please note that her sleep sack is still fully zipped up, haha.
Sweet baby girl!
A boy and his Squirtle. We missed out on the pay-your-age day for Build-a-Bear (getting there 45 minutes before opening was way too late, apparently), but were able to use a nice coupon they sent everyone (to make up for the fiasco, I assume).

Hotel Shenanigans (we stopped halfway between home and our Californian destination):

Eating a bedtime snack while watching TV. Daddy and Bubba were swimming in the hotel pool.
Discovering the hotel cupboards don’t have safety latches…

Knott’s Berry Farm:

That red speck in the center is Joseph’s hat. 🙂 This is probably one of his favorite rides.
He likes these swings, too.
These trucks were pretty fun.
Just chillin’.
Driving with both steering wheels is the way to go!
Stopping to take a quick picture with his sister.
Munchin’ on snacks while Bubba rides rides.
Abigail got a chance to ride a few rides, too (see her itty-bitty head on the other side of me?).
It was fun to get to meet up with Paul’s brother and his family.
Abigail loved this ride! It went around as well as up and down.
It took some searching (and a tip from an employee), but we found Abigail a Woodstock.

Mini Golf fun (Abigail and I hung out at Grandma’s):

In front of the castle.
I love these goofballs!

Sea World:

Trying to stay cool.
Watching the harbor seals swim around.
Abigail and Joseph loved getting right up next to the glass.
In the polar bear cave.
Sea turtles!
Abigail would shriek with happiness and do really fast knee-bends (her version of jumping) whenever one would swim by.
It was such a great experience getting to see them so close.

Family fun:

My sweet Tara (her husband was married to my sister before she passed away, but she, my brother-in-law, and their children still come visit whenever there’s any family in town, which I love) brought some of her kiddos to visit. Here’s her oldest daughter and her youngest along with Abigail.
Grandma’s backyard is fun to run around in!
Especially when there are cousins!
Grass is fun when there aren’t any fire ants! 😉
Playing is exhausting!

Family fun:

Tasting Grandma’s popsicle.
Trading Pokemon.

Mall fun:

“Driving along in my automobile…”
She doesn’t look excited in this shot, but she did enjoy cruisin’ the mall in this cart.
Showing me his completed LEGO creation that we got him while at the mall (Abigail got a Donald Duck plush to add to her growing collection of Mickey Mouse clubhouse friends).

More fun stuff (we met up with the people Paul lived with for a short time after his mission and they brought stuff for the kids; I love that we are still in contact with these people who were such a blessing in our lives, and I’m so grateful they treat us and our kiddos like family):

Abigail got a backpack (sorry for the “action shot…life with a toddler) that came with a spot to hold a…
…Minnie Mouse!
Joseph got a cool set of Star Wars figures as well as a Star Wars shirt (he had to wait until I washed it before he could wear it).

And last but not least, more family fun before heading home:

Playing with Lincoln Logs like drumsticks.
She was fascinated by the fact that the Lincoln Logs could make sounds, haha.
Snugglin’ with Grandma.
Getting ready to race cars with Uncle Aaron.

Oh…I almost forgot:

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to survive living in Arizona. o.0

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