Sea World

After we felt we had sufficiently recovered from Disney, we decided to hit up Sea World. It was kinda crowded but not too bad. We divided and conquered for the first bit (rides) and then got back together to see a few attractions and shows. It was a fun day!

Abigail wanted to do this first thing. She calls these the tickle fish. They come and nibble bits of dry skin off of your hands, but it doesn’t hurt. She was there for probably ten minutes. We also had to stop by on our way out of the park so she could do it again.
Sitting in the sleigh with her new octopus…whom she named Egbert but then ultimately decided to rename him…Octopus. 😀
Checking out reindeer.
Meanwhile, daredevil Joseph was on this ride.
I told you this kid could find a playground everywhere!
Yet another crazy Joseph ride.
I was ecstatic when I realized she could go on this by herself, ha. She loves the spinny rides. Me? Not so much!
The orca show.
Family selfie!
I was happy to get this shot.
These sea lions were hilarious begging for fish.
Those egrets in the back were cheeky. They would swoop in and steal the fish as people were dropping them for the sea lions.
This guy finally decided to get closer to keep the egrets from stealing his fish.
She loves big chairs!
She also loved being able to sit next to Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Oscar.
Mom’s backyard is an interesting place at night. Paul spotted several chubby raccoons and even a gray fox. We could also smell skunks, but luckily didn’t see any, ha.

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