Here’s the actual Christmas post. Christmas Eve was pretty quiet (Jason brought Luna over so she could play with Abigail) and so was Christmas. It was a pretty awesome couple of days to recover after Disney. 🙂

Playing with the old blocks.
Playing with Luna.
All ready for Christmas day!
Santa came to fill the stockings!
Unwrapping her new boots.
He was actually excited to get a new sweatshirt.
Video games are always good!
Paul unwrapping…something.
Unwrapping her robot unicorn. I wish the picture was able to capture the huge smile on her face!
Another video game!
My Little Pony figurines.
My new wallet. Beetlejuice fans will understand the reference. 🙂
Cool custom jewelry Paul had made for me: they’re porcupine quills!
Playing with a toy that’s older than me. 🙂
Showing me her classic My Little Pony that Santa left for her.
Being pulled around the yard.
She talked Joseph into pulling her (then I took a turn).
All tuckered out!

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