Castle Park and Then Home!

Our last theme park is one the kids love and I loved as a kid. Castle Park is a small amusement park with a mini golf attached that is local to Riverside. It’s almost never crowded when we go, so the kids love it. Paul and I switched back and forth with the kids. After Castle Park, it was just one last day where we squeezed in some visits with the Hustons (who Paul stayed with after his mission) and Aaron and his kids (who aren’t really kids anymore). What an awesome vacation!!

She loves this ride.
So does he!
Paul managed to get both kids in one shot. Good job, babe!
She loves going on rides with her daddy!
I love that she’s rockin’ the shirt she got when the singing zoologist came to visit the school.
So much awesome in one picture.
She loves these cut-outs!
They were happy enough to go on this ride together and leave their old parents to watch. Thank goodness. It did whip around pretty fast, so Joseph ended up needing to hold onto Abigail so she wouldn’t slide across and whack her head on the side of the ride.
The incentive to leave Castle Park: ice cream!
When did he turn into…not a kid? Hard to believe he’ll be thirteen in September.
Trying to wake up a sleeping Abigail at the hotel (after the first leg of our trip) proved to be…difficult.
When one loves Minnie Mouse as much as Hulk…interesting things happen. 🙂

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