This past week was a pretty typical summer week. We kind of just hung around the house and relaxed. On Tuesday, it was only supposed to rain a teeny bit but we ended up getting two rather sizable storms. It rained a lot, let up for a bit and then rained a ton more. I ended up hosting book club because my friend who was supposed to host ended up without power for several hours (luckily for her and her family, it ended up coming back on in time for them to be able to go to bed and not have to sleep in a hot house). We also dedicated some of our time to a few minor home and yard updates. Other than that, we’re looking forward to the holiday coming up on Monday. 4th of July is always a blast around here.

I thought we were just going to get a little bit of rain…
Watching it come down even harder. Yes, she’s wearing pajamas in the middle of the day. I pick my battles, y’all.
This was fifteen minutes after the rain started…our street was almost a river!
Paul was trying to get gas when the gas station lost power momentarily. All the pumps restarted. I don’t think he had gotten very far in the process (at least, I didn’t see a charge on the card). After a bit of the pumps having issues, he just gave up and came home.
Summer days are for bubble blowing.
I’m so glad I happened to get this shot. That was probably the biggest bubble she’s ever blown.
I wish I still had the “I don’t care how hot it is I just want to be outside” mentality that little kids seem to have. I walk outside, think about it for about three seconds, say “nope” and go back in, haha.
I was wanting to update the lights in our powder bath to match a little more with the fixtures we have in the kitchen and dining room. The problem I was running into was that the metal finishes of those fixtures are black and we have chrome in the bathroom. We didn’t want mixed metals, but we really didn’t want to have to change out all of the other things (towel holder, faucet, etc.). Luckily…
…we discovered that we can just buy new shades. We found these ones that match the type of glass we have in the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room. We also grabbed some Edison bulbs that match the other light fixtures as well. Since the new shades are clear instead of frosted, it’s quite a bit brighter in the powder room, which is nice.
Paul also found these wall-mounted lamps for our bedroom. This way, we can have bedside lamps without them sitting on our nightstands, taking up space.
They even have a couple of USB plugs as we as another regular plug. Paul just tacked the cords to the posts on our headboard so they are less noticeable.
I noticed there were a lot of dead bugs in our kitchen light. First, I tried to use my Swiffer duster to get them out, but I had trouble getting the angle right and then when I did, it didn’t pick them up. I then tried to use the hose on my vacuum, but that proved to be really difficult, too. At that point, I realized that there was also a lot of greasy build-up on it and I decided it would be best if I just took the shade off and washed it. It looks a million times better!
The geraniums I had in these pots had been doing well, but all of a sudden, they weren’t. It happened so quickly that I don’t really know what happened. I went to Lowe’s to see if I could find some replacements. They didn’t have any geraniums in, so I found some other plants and then checked with Google (it’s crazy that I can carry a computer in my hand) to make sure they would be hardy enough.
I ended up with golden lantana (I got two of these)…
…and two different butterfly plants. This is the red one…
…and this is the pink one. 🙂

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