Fourth of July and Some Fun Food

This past week we were able to do some fun things. Monday was the Fourth of July. We started out the morning by going to the zoo. After that, we went home and relaxed before dinner and fireworks. Much fun was had by all involved. I also took advantage of it being summer and made some yummy food and treats. Paul finished putting up the last two lamps in their respective places (under the bookshelves and in Joseph’s room). All-in-all a productive week!

Abigail checking out the black bear.
A three-banded armadillo. Interesting fact: this is the type of armadillo that can roll completely up into a ball (the nine-banded armadillo can’t do that).
Abigail really liked the armadillo.
Pretending to be a deep sea explorer.
Appeasing his parents. 😉
She loves this boat.
He was chilling in-between the sliding glass door and the screen. I love our “pet” anole.
She asked me to help her set this all up and then she asked me to find some limbo music to play. She totally cheats, by the way. 😉
Getting ready to watch fireworks.
Yes, we are just chillin’ in our driveway.
Some small fireworks.
The kids really liked the fountains.
They ended up being quite impressive.
Fun food #1: baked gnocchi chicken alfredo. It’s basically a casserole with chicken and gnocchi in an alfredo sauce with melted cheese on top.
It was pretty tasty. Abigail actually ate every bite of her dinner that night!
I did a little decoration rearranging. There used to be a bowl on this cabinet. I decided I wanted to move it to a different spot…
…I like it in this spot much better. There was already some stuff in the spot where I wanted to put it, but since it’s a bowl, I just put the stuff inside the bowl. 😉 Well, some of it. My little bird cage didn’t fit in there, so I moved it…
…over here! I like this little section even more now.
Playing Knights and Dragons. Abigail was a queen who was getting attacked by a dragon, so Joseph came to her rescue.
Fun Food #2: Dragon fruit. The kids wanted to try it because it looks really neat.
This is what it looks like inside. Everything in there is edible. It was slightly sweet but rather bland. Friends have told me that the dragon fruit that you get in China and other Asian countries is much sweeter.
Fun Food #3: I used cocoa crispies to make rice crispy treats. They were pretty tasty!
The light under the bookshelves.
The kids put it right to use.
I love sights like this!
The new light for Joseph’s room. It will be a great reading light!
I decided that since we’re swiftly coming up on a decade of being in Texas it would be fun to put up a picture of what the trees in the back looked like when we first moved here in comparison to…
Here’s the front tree ten years ago (and look, no houses around us…crazy!!) in comparison to…
I’m so grateful for the shade it gives me. I was able to stand in the shade the entire time while I was watering plants/grass in the front.
Our “finale” this year. 🙂
The neighbors down the street. It’s always a fun time.

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