Daddy’s Day and Some Summer Fun

This last Sunday was Father’s Day, so we celebrated Paul the best way we know how: Cute papers from the kids, steak sandwiches for lunch, gifts, meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner, and chocolate pudding for dessert. The rest of the week flew by, with the help of a few fun things towards the end. On Thursday, we turned on the sprinkler in the back yard and let the kids have fun with that and water guns. Friday, I took the kids to the mall and got them each a LEGO kit to build (well, I built Abigail’s). After Paul got home from work, we went to Peter Piper Pizza (kind of like a smaller, cleaner Chuck E Cheese but without a mascot) for dinner and some game play. It made for a pretty fun evening. Tonight, Abigail got to go to a birthday party for one of her pre-k friends. It was at a trampoline park and she had a blast!

Joseph 2022
My dad’s job: tech worker at Defense Language Institute
My favorite thing to do with my dad: play games
My dad’s superpower: to fix computers
I love dad more than: video games
My dad always laughs when: my sister says/does something funny
I love my dad because: he is my dad and he’s a good dad.
Abigail 2022
My dad’s job: he works and cooks
My favorite thing to do with my dad: play hide and seek and baby frogs
My dad’s superpower: he just works
I love dad more than: food
My dad always laughs when: doing silly faces
I love my dad because: I teach him how to play dead
Wearing his “ties” from the kids and opening up his presents.
I love seeing these two together. She sure loves her Daddy!
On Tuesday, the kids got haircuts. On the way home, Abigail’s salon balloon popped. She was very sad. Luckily, I had some fun balloons at home, so when I told her she could have a fun balloon when we got home, she cheered up right away. This balloon lasted a little bit longer than the salon balloon, but its replacement is still around, I think. This kid is kind of hard on balloons, haha.
I love that I can be doing stuff in the kitchen and then glance over and see these fun pictures.
She said she was doing a drum-roll because Snoopy was chasing the Red Baron.
I walked past the part of my walk where I had seen cool chalk art last week and saw that the artist had added some more. I had to take a picture because these two little dogs are on one of Abigail’s favorite shows (Bluey).
Getting ready for their water gun fight. I think Joseph was trying to lay down some ground rules, but those went out the window pretty quickly.
Running away after she’d run up and gotten him at almost point blank.
Sprinkler fun!
Abigail had something else in mind.
The sprinkler was making the slide wet, so she decided to head down. She liked that it made her go a little faster.
He was backing into the sprinkler so that it didn’t get in his face.
She was fine just running straight through.
Paul was working from home, but he was able to step out long enough to help fill up the yard cart with water so they had a refilling station for their water guns.
They had so much fun!
One last run through the sprinkler before it was time to head in to take a nice warm bath.
Abigail loved this life-sized LEGO guy at the LEGO store.
Getting their kits set up.
Following the step-by-step instructions.
I got hers put together and she was pretty happy to play with it when I was done.
All done! I helped out with a teeny part of it where he had accidentally gotten some parts flipped around (which was a bit overwhelming because it meant he had to disassemble part of when he’d put together), but he stuck to it. I’d say he did 95% of it on his own.
Their finished creations.
Having to make room for his new creation was a good excuse to clean up the top of his dresser. 😉 He had all sorts of half-finished projects, random loose pieces, and other non-LEGO things on there.It’s looking much better now.
Abigail loved this game at Peter Piper Pizza. I wish I got a better shot. It’s actually like a motorcycle that shifts back and forth along with the game.
Joseph playing.
Abigail decided she wanted to do Joseph’s game after she was done.
There were a bunch of ride-on toys that Abigail liked a lot.
She loved this dolphin one.
A Ghostbusters-themed game.
Abigail was out of tokens at this point, but there was an empty seat next to Joseph, so she just played along (not actually doing anything).
I decided I wanted to make it so that my antique butter mold stick out more (it’s almost the same exact shade as the table). The easiest way to do that was to grab a couple of cool-looking books that were on our bookshelf and stack them underneath it.
It took all of a minute to set up, didn’t cost anything (since I already had the books), and I think it makes a big difference. Now the two ends look a bit more balanced.
Getting ready for a biiiig jump.
This was one of her favorite spots because of the incline. She would run up onto the top (which was not bouncy) and then bounce all the way down. So. Many. Times.
This was a cool trampoline. You could try to jump high enough to get a slam dunk. Abigail was a little too short to actually do it, obviously, but she still had a lot of fun trying to make baskets.
This was another favorite. There’s an incline at the end, so you can run/bounce up to the incline, bounce off of it, and then run/bounce back.

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