Pre-Christmas Break

It’s been a bit since I’ve made a post. As soon as school hit Christmas Break, we left town to go to California. Consequently, I have a few pictures from before the trip that I’m posting here. I’m going to do a few different posts about the different things we did in California (just as an easier way to separate out the pictures). These are pictures from the last week leading up to break. 🙂

Snuggling with “bubba” (an old nickname leftover from when she couldn’t say “brother”) right before bedtime. I sure love these two!!
Joseph’s Christmas concert. The drawback of having a kid doing percussion is that they’re always in the back! Of the three kids standing in the back, Joseph is in the center.
Remember that awesome grant I got? I used it to help purchase these wobble stools for my classroom. The kids love them!
I still don’t know who left this bag for me, but I’m ever so grateful. It had dark chocolate and a Dr Pepper in there. Just what I needed to get through that last week before break!!
A gift from one of my students. Super-cute!!
Handmade gifts are awesome. This is from another student. He included a phrase that he and I toss back and forth to each other as an inside joke. It warms my heart to think of how much thought was put into it as he made it.

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