Knott’s Berry Farm

Well, there are a few more pictures besides Knott’s, but Knott’s is the bulk of it. We got into Riverside, and both Paul and Joseph weren’t feeling too well. They felt fine when we left, but both felt pretty crummy by the time we got to Mom’s. The next day, I took them to what was probably the worst Urgent Care we’ve ever been to. They tried telling Paul his symptoms were from high blood pressure (um, other way around, y’all…illness can elevate one’s blood pressure) which they got their reading by using an arm cuff on his forearm instead of his upper arm…so who knows if it was even accurate. Paul was pretty sure he had a sinus infection, but also had a sore throat, so he had them do a strep test for both him and Joseph. Paul’s came back positive and Joseph’s was negative. The urgent care neglected to take either of their temperatures and pretty much ignored Joseph (didn’t look in his ears, nose, throat, nothing). They gave them both a prescription for cough syrup (Joseph wasn’t even coughing) and Paul a prescription for the strep (but ignored the fact that he felt he had a sinus infection, which would have needed a stronger dosage). The next day, Joseph felt warm (he mentioned to me that he’d felt warm the day before but nobody took his temp), so I took him to a different urgent care and low and behold, he had an ear infection. That would have been noticed the day before, if they had looked in his ears. Uuuuugggggghhhhh. So we got him some antibiotics, too. He started feeling better and Paul reached the point where he was no longer contagious (but still felt rather cruddy). Paul looked up the different dosages of amoxicillin for strep versus a sinus infection (sinus infections require more milligrams per dose) and decided to take an extra dose per day. As soon as he started doing that, he started feeling better. I wish that doctor had listened to him. After we got the boys on the mend, we started to do the fun stuff. The started with Knott’s!

On the way to Mom’s we found the same rest stop that we found last time we made a trip out. It has a cool visitor’s center and a fun play area.
Joseph liked spinning himself on this thing.
Abigail felt a little more secure with this one.
Going out to eat the first night of our trip (we take two days to travel from San Antonio to Riverside). I love watching him be a daddy!
Discovering the “magic button” on Grandma’s sofa.
Balloon ride. Camp Snoopy has all the rides meant for younger kiddos and we pretty much walked onto all the rides. The other half of the park was pretty similar. The drizzly weather kept away the crowds (plus, I think the local schools were still in session, so that helped, too).
She loved pretending to be the Red Baron!
Getting ready for her favorite ride!
She’s pretty much fearless, ha.
Joseph loved the shorter lines, too. Paul took Joseph around the larger part of Knott’s and I took Abigail around Camp Snoopy.
She loved this boar ride.
This trunk had a horn she could honk and she took full advantage of that, ha.
Getting ready for another ride.
It was surprising how empty the park was!
After we divided and conquered, we met up to do things together.
Like this little railroad…
…and the log ride. It was Abigail’s idea and in spite of that face, she loved it. I know you can’t see Joseph, but he’s there. He told me he was using me as a shield from the water, ha.
On the carousel.
Joseph and I were waiting for a ride that broke down momentarily (we only had to wait an extra 10-15 minutes…we didn’t want to give up because were were literally going to be the next people on), so Paul took Abigail to ride this ride…
…and take some pictures. He got her this monkey from one of the carnival games that must have had a default prize, because even though they didn’t win (you know how carnival games are), they still got this monkey.
On our way out, we saw this guy.
The guy taking the picture told her to make a heart.
She also loved getting to sit next to Bigfoot.
When we got home from Knott’s, Mom had her tree set up and the kids loved getting to decorate it.

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