One More Week!

We’ve made it one more week! I think the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks is kinda hard to slog through. I’ve had a challenge at school because my students are all excited for Christmas, so it’s hard to get them to focus. I think we’re all feeling it, though. One more week (during which I need to get report cards done and make sure everything is ready for when we come back) and then we get a blissful 2.5 weeks off. I can hardly wait!

An awesome friend got this ornament for me. I looks just like that VHS version of Nightmare Before Christmas (Joseph called it a record and Abigail called it a DVD…oh, young people, haha).
The detail on the inside is pretty impressive. I felt the need to zoom in real close so it was easier to see.
One week day it was “Whoville Hair” day, so Abigail had me do her hair like a Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
This is one silly, cute girl.
I did understated Whoville hair…I had a math training after lunch to attend, so I kept it pretty tame.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was chosen as a winner for the grant I filled out an application for at the beginning of the year (and promptly forgot about after I applied). They awarded me with funds to purchase supplies for my classroom. It was nice to be recognized!
This is probably one of my favorite sights. I love the warm glow of the trees!
She wanted to be cozy while watching shows.
Joseph was on her bed and she came in and promptly pounced on him…and then gave me a sweet, unassuming smile as she had him pinned.
Church Christmas breakfast. I got a good shot of this kid.
This kid liked making ornaments for her tree.
I sure love this man. He does so much for me and our family.
The party was PJ/Polar Express-themed. Abigail was impressed by the train decorations.
Our cute kiddos (even if Joseph was getting slightly annoyed that Abigail was bouncing around literally until I snapped this picture and got her right as she smiled ).
2.5 seconds after I released them from having to have their pictures taken.
A great friend of ours dropped by with Christmas gifts. One of them was this owl bear (it’s a creature in Dungeons & Dragons). It came with a fancy bow tie and Abigail made it even snazzier with some sunglasses. The owl mask was also in the package.
It has been quite some time since I last got a haircut. I also went through a few months where I was losing quite a bit of it. Thankfully, I got that issue fixed. It’s starting to fill in again (slowly, yet surely), but at the length it was, it didn’t have much volume and a lot of the time, I was pulling it back into a ponytail or braid anyway. When I was booking an appointment for Joseph to get a haircut, I noticed a “mother and son haircut” option. I decided to go for it! I really love the layers that the stylist gave me. She left it long enough for me to still pull back if I need to, but the layers make it so that the slight wave I have in my hair does just that…go all wavy. This is with no blow-drying, styling, or product in my hair. It’s awesome!!

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