I Actually Took Pictures!

Life has been craaaazy lately. I’ve been so busy with work, kids, and life in general (did I mention I have another big test in about four weeks? Yeah…I need to start studying for that) that my phone hasn’t been out a whole lot. I did want to document our fun Easter weekend, though. It started out with a couple egg hunts and ended with Fiesta shoe box parade float making and pie (can it end any better?)

At the beginning of the neighborhood egg hunt.
There were tons of eggs!
She was able to fill her basket pretty quickly. Unfortunately for her, every single egg had a temporary tattoo in it, which we avoid putting on her because they irritate her skin. She still had fun collecting them, though.
Cheesin’ it up for Paul.
I spent a good portion of my Saturday morning making these signs (there are seven all together) for my grade level Fiesta party. I made the signs on poster board, glued them to cardboard, and then dismantled a Fiesta banner to use for the bottom.
This was another thing I did on Saturday: strawberry pie!
We also had an egg hunt to take part in at the ward Easter party. They took a different approach. The kids collected as many eggs as they wanted, but all of them were empty. Then they turned in their eggs for a goody bag.
Abigail had a blast!
Joseph didn’t collect eggs (well, he did find some of the harder hid ones meant for the older kids), but he had fun hanging with us and his friends.
Easter baskets!
My handsome boy!
She was excited to get this plushie.
Paul taped things off, Abigail helped paint, I did the little drawings, and Abigail started to add stickers.
Joseph got a Beyblade in his basket, so he spent a lot of time battling this afternoon.
Abigail loved watching them spin.
With her finished float.
Paul used twisties to hold down the unicorns. He made holes through the box and secured them kind of like they secure toys in boxes.
This is a beautiful Easter diorama that we got from Paul’s former foster mom, Barbara. I love that she thinks of such thoughtful gifts for us.
The literal fruits of my labor (and some sugar, whipped cream, and pie crust, haha).

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