One Week Down (and a couple of birthdays)

Last week marked the first week of school and also was the time that we celebrated both my birthday and Joseph’s. Everybody had a great first week back (even though Abigail has had some days where she’s been testing the boundaries, but I was not too surprised, seeing as we’re back to structure after so many unstructured days). Paul brought in cupcakes on my birthday for me to celebrate with my class, I went out with my friends for Indian food that night, and we ended up the week with a trip to Main Event for Joseph’s party. We basically had him invite a few friends and we paid for wristbands and game cards for them. Overall it was a pretty stellar week!

Pumpkins from our pumpkin plant in graduated sizes. 🙂
I got my birthday presents early so I could use them during the first week of school: a new teacher bag which is backpack-style (which is going to be better for my back than having the unbalanced weight of shoulder bag)…
…and a totally fitting shirt (which I picked out).
First day of first grade!
Paul was able to take the day off, which was helpful since I had a meeting after school, so he got all the first day pictures for me. 🙂
First day of sixth grade! He’s been walking with a buddy to and from school and has been very accepting of that change (especially in the heat of the afternoon).
All set up at her table for the first day!
This was some time this past week. She was happy to come to my classroom after school to hang out and look at some of the graphic novels on my bookshelf (and reacquaint herself with the yellow chair) while I prepped for the next day.
I walked up to my classroom door and saw this fun surprise on Friday. 🙂 My coworkers also made me a card and we all ate lunch together, which was nice.
I came home to see this awesome set-up. This is what happens when two birthdays collide, haha.
My “birthday” balloons…
…and some cool Nightmare Before Christmas stuff…and chocolate, which is always appreciated!
I didn’t have the time nor the energy to go all out with Joseph’s cake, so I did a quick creeper and made sure we had something else to fill up the rest.
Enjoying he favorite treat breakfast: a doughnut and milk.
Before Joseph’s party, Paul spent all morning mowing, edging, weed-whacking, etc.. He also finished up the walkway along the side of the house that he’s been chipping away at a bit at a time as he’s found time here and there. I love that I’ll have a nice walkway to walk along whenever I need to put something in the compost, trash, or recycling.
We took down my banner and put up Joseph’s. 🙂
Opening up presents during his party. He got some gift cards…
…video game stuff…
…a video game…
…and Beyblades. It’s all pretty much what he’s really into right now.
The completed cake.
Blowing out the candles!
Abigail didn’t mind not getting to hang out with the big kids because there were plenty of games to keep her busy, like Mario Kart…
…and this virtual reality game.
What you can see on the screen is what she was also seeing. The chairs would vibrate, move back and forth, etc.. She had so much fun. She giggled, jumped, and said, “Woah! This is crazy!” repeatedly.
They finished out the party with a bowling game.
The black lights were a cool twist.

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