Getting Into the Swing of Things

I think we’re slowly getting into the swing of things getting back into our back-to-school routines. I Our first week back, I was exhausted. I was also pulling rather late nights at work; usually not getting home until close to six. This past week, I was able to be home before five every day, and that was really nice. I hope to continue it. I’m also trying to be more mindful of trying to only do at work what I have to do at work. If there’s other stuff that I can bring home, I try to do that. That way, even though I’m still working, at least I’m at home. I’m also trying to keep on top of my grading and entering things into the grade book so that I don’t have a ton of that stuff piling up (it’s probably the easiest thing to fall behind on). It was really nice, this past week, to have a three-day weekend. I spent Monday grocery shopping, grading, and getting myself prepped for the week. I also decorated for fall, since I know I will have less time when the actual official start to fall occurs (which is…September 23rd, I think). It’s much easier to do it over a holiday weekend! Also, I keep my decorations pretty simple because, well, it’s always more fun to put things up than to have to take them down. I see pictures of rooms beautifully decorated for the different holidays or seasons and I can’t help but think that while it’s beautiful, it seems like way more effort than I’m willing to devote to the cause. Easy up and easy down! The rest of the week was spent doing what we do during the majority of the year: work, school, and down time when we could squeeze it in. It’s hard to believe that September is already a third of the way gone. I suppose staying busy makes time seem to pass more rapidly. Here’s to hopefully heading into cooler weather finally (we’re only supposed to hit the upper 90s for the first part of the week and then dip down into the lower 90s right at the end…we’ll see if that happens)!

My autumn sign. I love that it has a silver pumpkin because I have silver pumpkins sprinkled around as part of my fall decorations.
The area over by our little electric fireplace.
I’m a sucker for anything gingham or plaid. I actually use this garland for both fall/Halloween and Christmas. I just trade out the things around it to make it fit.
The countdown is still going strong. These pumpkins are fun because they aren’t fake…they’re from our garden!
See? There’s my silver pumpkins!
More gingham…
This trio livens up the partial wall next to our dining room.
These pumpkins are NOT real…I think my favorite thing about them is their asymmetrical quality.
I think the piano is always my favorite, no matter what else I do around the house. Maybe it’s the multiple levels allowing your eyes to settle on more than one area, or maybe it’s the contrast of the decorations with the starkness of the black and white keys, but it’s just the perfect spot to decorate.
Abigail was watching Doc McStuffins (a cartoon about a little girl who doctors her stuffed animals and toys) and decided she needed to start up her own clinic. Here she is charting up her first patient.
And here she is giving him a check-up. I think my favorite part of this photo is her little “I’m really concentrating” tongue. And yes, Puppy (her names for her stuffed animals are usually pretty basic) was a very good patient.

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