And So It Begins

This week was craaaaaazy. I had teacher trainings and work days all week. Paul took half-days for the entire week so that Joseph would only have to be watching Abigail in the mornings. We had Meet the Teacher, Paul and Abigail built a volcano (and did all sorts of other fun activities), and we ended the week with savoring the last moments of summer. It’s crazy to think that school starts on Monday. Here’s to a new year!!

In my spirit shirt all ready for the staff group photo.
He was very patiently letting her snuggle him.
Paul and Abigail’s volcano.
All ready for Meet the Teacher!
My welcome sign. I’m going to leave it up for the first day.
Ready for the kiddos!
I posed in front of the 4th grade sign.
Abigail posing in front of the first grade sign. She said she needed Floppy because she was feeling anxious. I think she just wanted to bring her rabbit. 🙂

She was super-excited to watch it erupt. She also insisted that she and Paul wear safety goggles. 🙂


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