NOW it’s Spring

Ahhhh…NOW it’s spring! The sun is shining, the air is warm, the days are longer (one perk about DST is that the evenings are now light again, so we can do stuff outside after dinner, when it’s a bit cooler)…spring in central Texas is kind of my favorite. It was spring break for the kiddos, so we hung around the house and just relaxed. Abigail lost yet another tooth (at this point, I’m seriously considering blending her food, haha), we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some yummy food, and we went to our favorite BBQ joint so that the kids could play on the playground after we finished eating. Overall it’s been a pretty great week!

Joseph had some money saved up, so he decided to get this little Mario Kart themed Hotwheels set. Abigail was “taking pictures” of the race with her toy camera.
She has so many holes in her mouth right now!
Abigail spent the last of her saved up money on a baby Groot.
Playing hospital. The last time they played this, Abigail decided Joseph needed some limbs amputated…so this time, Joseph came armed to make sure she didn’t go overboard, haha.
One day, we walked over to the park and met up with friends to play. The walk back wasn’t as fun (it was quite a bit warmer than the walk there).
The coat I’ve been eyeing finally restocked, so I bought it before it went back out of stock. I obviously won’t be able to use it for a few months, but at least I’ll have it when the weather cools back down.
A nice picture always has to have a silly picture to follow. 😉
For St. Patrick’s Day, I made shepherd’s pie and Irish soda farls (basically Irish soda bread but I cook it in my cast iron skillet on the stove as opposed to in the oven).
This is the playground at B Daddy’s (our favorite BBQ place). We haven’t been (other than picking up food to go) for over two years!
Going down the tube slide at B Daddy’s.
They were pretending to be pirates.
“Hard to Starboard!”
She told him they needed to abandon ship because they were going to crash into an island.
Exploring the “island” that their pirate ship crashed into.
Sunlight and live oak trees…*happy sigh*

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