I Was Fooled!

It’s not even April, but I was still fooled! I was embracing spring temperatures and the sunshine that comes with them…and then Mother Nature chucked a curveball, haha. Yesterday and today have been rather chilly. At least today is sunny…it was downright miserable yesterday: cold, overcast, rainy, and windy. I managed to squeeze in a walk in the morning (without getting rained on…too much) before the cold front fully moved in. Paul took the day off yesterday (he had some last minute things to get ready for a Libertarian conference that he’s at today), so Abigail hung out at home. Spring should be back by tomorrow afternoon, though…just in time for the kids’ spring break from school! I’m looking forward to having a bit of a break from the back-and-forth routine with school. The week did go well, though. I was kept busy with my routine of working out, taxiing kids around, running errands, and finally forcing myself to not just tidy, but actually CLEAN the house. I sometimes think I have to try to clean the entire house in one day (like I used to be able to do when we were living in itty-bitty apartments), and the thought of that is understandably overwhelming. The result of that overwhelming feeling is me sitting on the couch, looking at the mess, and saying, “Man…I need to clean this place…” and then not doing it! *insert eyeroll here* This past week I finally said that enough was enough and I broke the house down into zones. I tackled one zone each day. By the time yesterday hit, I had the house much cleaner than it had been on Monday. One other thing that I’ve started doing is getting up at the same as Paul and squeezing in some time to read and study Come Follow Me. I have been working at being consistent with this for a few weeks now and I really feel like it’s making a difference in my life. I’m more patient, not as cranky, and I’m just generally happier. It’s been a good change. Paul has been pretty busy with work, HOA stuff, and Libertarian stuff…and working around the house and yards. I appreciate him so much!! The kids had a great week at school, but are definitely ready for spring break (what kid isn’t, haha).

Here’s my clean kitchen! It took me waaaay too long to get it to this point, so my new goal is to be more consistent with my cleaning so that it doesn’t get as bad as it got.
This was a fun sight. Joseph decided to not stick with piano lessons, but he does still like to fiddle around on the piano, making up his own little tunes (or picking out tunes from different video games). Abigail decided she wanted to join in, so she pushed a chair over there. Joseph did start learning recorder in music class at school, so he’s been pretty into that lately.
It’s always a good sight to see the treat jars full. 😉
This was a pretty epic pool noodle battle.
Joseph heard us battling and decided he’d get involved. He made a marshmallow shooter at Primary activities, but he has modified it so that it can shoot Nerf darts (that kid!), so he brought that down and pretended the darts were tranquilizer darts…it was pretty funny. Since it’s breath-powered, the darts don’t come out very fast, so there was no way she could get hurt if he hit her with one (unlike when they come out of a Nerf gun…those things can be pretty powerful!).

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