Kindergarten Performance, Garden Growth, and Some Other Stuff

Weekly Happenings: Tuesday night was Joseph’s kindergarten performance. It was super cute. They did songs that were about Dr. Seuss books and a lot of the kids (including Joseph) had little speaking parts. He didn’t seem the least bit nervous and said his line clearly. I’m so grateful for his experience in church with Primary programs. I truly believe they make him more prepared for things like this. Other things that happened this past week included marking the continued growth of our garden along with some home/decorating/organization projects.

The Weekly Weather: We’ve continued to have nice spring weather. I can hardly believe it! Last year, it was so much warmer during this time of year. I’m really trying to soak it in before the real stuff begins.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He was able to put together a storage unit that we picked up from IKEA. Abigail’s reach is getting higher, so stuff we don’t want her to get has to go higher or into a cabinet that has a baby lock on it, haha. He also helped Joseph make his shoe box float for the parade they’re having this upcoming Thursday (related to Fiesta).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Along with my normal mom stuff, I better organized the “cozy corner” (the area under the bookshelves downstairs). We ordered some foam squares that go together to make a rug of sorts (of which Abigail has only tried to take apart a few times so far, haha) and I picked up another bean bag chair, since Abigail was sort of commandeering Joseph’s. I could see that it bothered him, even though he wasn’t voicing his complaint. The new chair was a lot poofier than Joseph’s, so at Paul’s suggestion, I moved some of the pellets from the new to the old (which was quite floppy). If you ever need an exercise in patience, that just might be the task to try, haha. The result was two only-sort-of-poofy chairs, which is perfect.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: I already mentioned his performance. Other than that, he’s just been plugging along with school with the occasional play date thrown into the mix.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been her typical awesome baby-self. She is expressing the desire to get down more and walk along with one of us holding her hands (or using whatever she can push along to walk with). Sometimes I’ll walk into the dining room to find that she’s rearranged the chairs for me, haha.

This Week in Pictures:

She let me put a headband in her hair!
Joseph’s kindergarten performance. He’s just to the right (and behind a bit) of the kid in the orange shirt and yellow suspenders.
The kids did really well performing. I was quite impressed.
They did really well singing, too.
Joseph loved every second of it.
He did an awesome job saying his line.
The new storage unit. Paul put the printer up there, along with the modem, router, Roku box, server, etc. Once all of that was moved up there, it made room in the black cabinet for Joseph’s electronics as well as the Wii. Abigail-proof (for now, haha)!
The upgraded “cozy corner”.
The kids immediately put it to the test.
It passed muster, haha.
Our zucchini plant has flowered! Hopefully the pollenators do their thing, because I haven’t a clue about hand pollenation (other than that I know there are essentially male and female flowers).
Joseph’s pumpkin plant has its first real leaf!
The strawberries are ripening up (as is evident by that one I didn’t get to before something else did…grrr).
Living and dining decor a la Abigail. We’re going for that “random chair placement” look.
Working on a new LEGO kit.
The finished products! I helped him with one little thing and he did the rest. 🙂
Joseph’s finished Fiesta shoe box parade float.

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