Dino Bones, a Parade and a Party, and Home Ownership “Fun”, Oh My!

Weekly Happenings: Earlier this week, we got to go see a cool fossil exhibit set up at Joseph’s school. The kids got to visit it during the school day, but it was open to families in the evening, so we went and checked it out. It was pretty cool! Towards the end of the week, Joseph had his shoe box float parade to celebrate Fiesta, as well as a party afterwards. Abigail was a real trooper that day because I fed her breakfast while she was sitting in her stroller as we were waiting for the parade to start (she loved the parade since everything was pretty much at her eye level). Then she hung out with me (in the Tula) while I helped pass out snacks at Joseph’s party. I was allowed to check Joseph out early after the party, so we all went home, had lunch, and just relaxed. Friday, the spring on our garage door broke (with the door up, of course). Boo. Paul was able to get the broken spring and cable and everything off (and the door back down, thank goodness), but we found that the replacement spring would be really expensive. We ultimately decided to switch out the type of spring system to one that, while much more difficult to replace (in fact, it’s recommended that only a professional do it), is much cheaper and actually much sturdier (at least it seems so when comparing new parts to old ones). We had the repair company come out today and do the replacement. It was hard deciding to spend more money now, but we feel we made the right decision because it will be better in the long run.

The Weekly Weather: We had mostly beautiful weather. We did have quite the rainstorm come through one day, but it did its thing and the next day was as beautiful as the rest of the week.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He got to go see the new Avengers movie, which he enjoyed. He also spent a lot of time finding the right YouTube videos to watch in order to assist him with figuring out how to get the broken garage door spring off (which he did not enjoy as much). He’s also back into full gear for his last semester of school. Just 3 more months to go!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Other than helping out with Joseph’s party, the rest of my week was pretty typical.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a ton of fun with all the activities that we had this week. I think he is starting to get a bit antsy, though. We’re just a bit over a month out from summer vacation starting and I think he’s ready for lazy summer days…I might be, too!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: We moved her little baby walking toy downstairs, so she’s been practicing a lot more with it and getting a little more confident walking with assistance. I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before she takes off on her own! She’s also adding more and more sounds that kind of sound like (and may actually represent) words. She understands a lot of what we say, too. She has officially hit 16 months as well. It’s so hard to believe!

This Week in Pictures:

Joseph made his own Dungeons&Dragons character sheet. I love his imagination!
Thank you, Baby Einstein. I was able to get all of the groceries unloaded from the car, into the house, and all put away. She was like this the entire time. It was kind of nice to not have little hands into everything I was trying to put away.
I got a few decorations for the piano. They’re considered 4th of July decorations, but I think I’ll leave them up any time I don’t have other decorations to use.
I think this sign is one of my new favorites…
The whole set-up.
Joseph had so much fun seeing all of these fossils.
Being silly about the prehistoric crocodile skull.
He also thought this Megalodon jaw was pretty awesome.
He’s really into silly poses right now. Can you tell?
I love one pan meals. It took me MAYBE 15 minutes to prep, an hour to cook, and all components of our meal were done!
The butterflies in Joseph’s class emerged from their chrysalises! His teacher posted this picture on the class Facebook page, so I was able to download it. I love all the fun he’s having while learning at the same time!
Joseph during the shoe box float parade.
I promise he was happy…it just doesn’t look like it in this picture (which a friend of mine happened to get of him), ha. The boys wore sombreros made from tissue paper.
With one of his buddies at their Fiesta party.
Checking out what’s going on outside.
Fun with kitchen stuff. She’s chewing on the end of a medicine dropper that I don’t think I’ve ever actually used for medicine (or anything else, actually).
This is the face I got when I called her name. 🙂
This is the cable for the garage door spring, all unwound. I thought this was a pretty cool picture that Paul took…
The old spring (left) next to the new one (right). I think the new one will be quite the improvement.

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