A Fun Day Trip to Austin

Weekly Happenings: The work/school week was pretty normal. Yesterday we decided to take a day trip to Austin. We stopped for a mini-break at Buc-ee’s (a humongous gas station that has all sorts of fun stuff inside), leaving with fresh drinks, beef jerky, and two plush beavers (the “mascot” for Buc-ee’s is a beaver), haha. Once we got to Austin, we stopped at In-N-Out for lunch and then went to IKEA and Zilker Park. Zilker Park is a huge park (kind of similar to Brakenridge Park here in San Antonio) with a lot of natural areas and a really fun playground area. They also have a small train to ride around the park as well. It was a pretty fun trip.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been gorgeous. I can hardly believe that we actually have gotten a spring this year (warm, but not too warm). It’s been mostly clear. We did have one thunderstorm come through, but it was overnight Friday, so yesterday was just as clear and beautiful as the rest of the week was.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s enjoyed having a bit of a break from school. He was able to get his finals done early, so he had most of last week off and then this next week is his official break before he starts up on his final semester. I am so proud of him. He has been maintaining a pretty loaded school schedule (and getting good grades) as well as working full-time (not to mention holding down a calling at church and making time for family). I know it’s been stressful, but he’s handled it amazingly.

What Sarah’s Been Doing: I’ve mostly been doing the normal mom stuff: running errands, keeping the tiny human happy (as well as the not-so-tiny-anymore human), and the like.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been doing really well in school. He also got to have a friend come over after school one day, which he loved a lot.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been her normal cute self. She keeps us all on our toes with how mobile she’s become. We’re getting better at remembering to close doors as well as using the lock features on the fridge and dishwasher (since her reach is increasing as well).

This Week in Pictures:

Joseph pushing Abigail in her new stroller. He loves helping out!
We wanted to get something more lightweight that didn’t take up as much room in the back of the car. This Minnie Mouse umbrella stroller fit the bill (and was super cute as well).
Looking at their reflections in the oven glass.
Our garden is doing really well (and the pumpkin seed that Joseph brought home from school in October that we dried out and then poked into the ground to “see what would happen” actually sprouted).
Walking home with one of his best buds.
They had fun playing video games (and other things).
In the swings at Zilker Park.
Have I mentioned that she loves swings?
Abigail in the car.
They had this old fire truck incorporated into one of the play structures. Both kids enjoyed crawling around on it.
Momma and Abigail on the train.
More fire truck fun.
Daddy and Joseph on the train.
Paul put a bunch of Baby Einstein videos on his tablet and used that to help entertain Abigail.
Joseph on the fire truck.
Joseph upon realizing that one of the shows he had on his tablet matched a game he had for his DS: “Hey, I can play along as I watch!”
Abigail really loved this fire truck.
Joseph loved it as well.
One of the things we picked up at IKEA was a new set of baskets for my music storage. I had been using some green cardboard boxes, but they were starting to wear out. I love the look of the baskets!

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